5 Unique Date Ideas For Couples Tired Of Netflix And Chilling
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5 Unique Fall Date Ideas For Couples Tired Of Netflix And Chilling

Don't worry, this list doesn't include cards.

5 Unique Fall Date Ideas For Couples Tired Of Netflix And Chilling

With the pandemic, so many of my friends and I discussed how it was hard to find new things for date night when so many places were closed. It seems like date nights were just endless nights of bingeing Netflix and stuffing my face with Halo Top and SmartSweets. I tried those other date night ideas like cooking together and playing cards. But even those things can get old after a while. Finally, I had it and decided we need to make date nights COUNT again, even if we had to social distance.

Here are 5 different and unique ways you can spice up date night with your partners.

1. Paint your own pong table

This is one of the most fun things you and your partner can do together. You not only get to paint, but you also get to brainstorm creative ideas together. And the table is perfect to use before you go out together.

The best part is that this date won't set you back a ton of money — plus it'll get tons of use! All you need is a folding table, some paint, and maybe a stencil or two.

2. Backyard camping

I, personally, hate the idea of going camping out in the wilderness where I have to wipe with poison ivy and take dirt showers (clearly I've never been camping). But camping right behind my house, where I have full access to a bathroom and kitchen is perfect. You and your partner can sit by the fire, lie under the stars, and have some fun in the tent. And sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need!

3. IKEA taste testing

OK, I know you're probably thinking "Isabelle, what the hell?" But do NOT sleep on IKEA desserts. Their ice cream is to die for, honestly, their cinnamon buns are as big as your head, their churros are always piping hot. And you and your partner can die laughing at each other while you pronounce all of the Swedish furniture names wrong.

4. Make your own beer

This idea is super fun. Not only can you two create a beer together, but you can also invite friends over and have a blind taste testing to see who the true Alpha beer maker is. There are a ton of beer making kits online you can choose and they usually range from $40-150.

5. Read to each other 

I know that this sounds boring but there are so many ways to make this fun. For example, when you and your partner take turns to read have the other do an accent of your choosing. The first to laugh has to buy the other breakfast the next morning. Or play a fun drinking game. Like every time Voldemort is called he who-shall-not-be-named in "Harry Potter," take a sip of your specially crafted beer. Or read erotica together. But warning... you may not be able to finish the book.

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