11 Misconceptions All College Students Know To Be True About Summer
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11 Misconceptions All College Students Know To Be True About Summer

So sorry to disappoint you, Instagram.

11 Misconceptions All College Students Know To Be True About Summer

Summer is a time of year that every college student looks forward to; however, I know I'm not the only one who makes extravagant plans that are never followed through on. It should be a magical time, but summer vacation is definitely not all it's cracked up to be. So, here are some of the sad realities that I'm sure most of us have experienced during summer vacation.

1. Reuniting with friends.

Other than being done with class, the first thing most people probably think about as summer approaches is seeing their hometown friends. Now, summer vacation definitely allows more time to spend with friends than winter break, but I feel like I never see my friends as much as I hope! With family vacations, work, and summer study programs, it becomes challenging to find a time when all of us can get together. So although there are several occasions when we can get together, it never happens as often as most of us probably expect it to.

2. Relaxing.

It's always nice to get home and relax after the stress of packing up your dorm room and still finding time to study for finals. I mean, it would be if I didn't have work, family gatherings, and chores and cleaning all lined up for when I got home.

3. Tropical getaway.

In an idealistic world, my vacation would consist of going to Hawaii or the Bahamas and enjoying the tropical weather. Reality eventually kicks in, though, and I realize that between what's left over in my bank account at the end of the school year and my minute income from my part-time job, a trip that extravagant would be nearly impossible. If I budget my money really carefully, maybe I'll be able to get a blowup pool for my backyard!

4. Work.

I'd love to say that I got a job because I love working, and enjoy spending my time in a hot building for eight hours a day while making minimum wage... But who am I kidding! We all know our jobs during our college years are for saving up money. The hardest part about having a summer job is that I always hope that money will go towards fun things: movies, clothes, makeup, music. However, it is an unfortunate truth that all of that hard-earned money always ends up going towards my savings account for school supplies, books, and groceries for the year.

5. Festivals and concerts.

Every year! Every year my hope is to attend a concert or music festival at least every other week. Somehow that never ends up happening. Well...unless you count watching the live broadcast from my laptop.

6. Healthy eating.

The first couple of weeks after returning home from school for the summer, I have the best intentions of eating healthy and getting "beach body ready." But really, who can resist some good, homemade cooking after living with food from the dining hall for eight months?!

7. Catching up on Netflix.

Summer. The season for catching up on all of the shows you had no time for during the school year. I'm guilty of doing this myself; until a few weeks pass by and my binge watching has left me with nothing. I mean, what else could possibly compare to the 12 heart-wrenching seasons of "Grey's Anatomy?"

8. Summer photoshoots.

I love taking tons of pictures over summer vacation: good lighting, cute clothes, nice weather and scenery. What more could you ask for when having a photoshoot with all of your besties? When I finally get outside to take pictures, though, I'm sweaty and my hair is a frizzy mess... No one needs to capture that image!

9. Getting fit.

Since I can never avoid eating my mom's home-cooked meals, I always make a valid attempt at going to the gym and exercising. I lose the ambition just as quickly when I realize how hot and tiring the summer sun makes me. Maybe for New Year's my drive to exercise will return.

10. New summer wardrobe.

Dresses, rompers, skirts, and bathing suits. All exciting for the nice, warm weather. I always look forward to building a new summer wardrobe, and fashioning all of the new trends. However, when I go to shop or order online, the clothes never look as they do on the mannequin or models. So, leggings and a T-shirt it is! Classic and always an easy outfit to put together in the morning.

11. Tanning.

Oh, that summer glow! Or shall I say lobster? Maybe it's my pale skin, or maybe I'm just defective, but my high hopes of getting a nice tan in the summer is always crushed by a nasty sunburn. I guess there's always spray tanning!

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