How to Subconsciously Practice Self-Love

How to Subconsciously Practice Self-Love

... Every negative thought of jealousy, hate, and anger takes away a glimpse of light filled with warm love, positive reassurance, and a reminder of why at the end of the day you wouldn’t rather be anyone else.


She Has It All

That girl. You know whom exactly I’m referring to. That girl that came to your mind when you read the title of this piece. She’s so beautiful in every Instagram post, Facebook tagged photo, and seems to be able to stream an endless list of accomplishments when you log into Facebook, that you sometimes wish she would just stop bragging.

You never know.

They, wherever the origin of the saying arose from, iterated you do not know what others are going through, so treat everyone with kindness. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

I could go on and on about the cliché synopsis that Instragram and social media are becoming playgrounds for increasingly high levels of jealousy and self deprecation. But it’s reality and true. It’s true that though we as young women follow an endless list of stick thin, perfectly glossed and shined hair straight out of Drybar models, and photographs captured in lavish dream vacation hideaways we only we could step our toes onto… But that’s just it. That is what social media depicts, portrays, and shadows. Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through your feed double tapping endlessly and subconsciously pondering, “where does she get all of her clothes and how does she put those outfits together?,” “wow must be a tough life having it all,” “her boyfriend and her are literally perfect, I can’t.”

But that is precisely the point that I am attempting to convey through this post. Awareness. In those instances, try to catch yourself and use it as a moment to take a step away and appreciate just even one of the bits of your beautiful life. It’s the fact that we live in a world masked with advertisements of what the epitome of a woman should be. The clothes that we should be purchasing to be relevant in our sorority or obtaining that perfect outfit that says you didn’t try to hard, but that you definitely live a nice life.

We don’t know. You will never know. Nor will I ever know. The girl standing in line at Starbucks with her Celine and perfectly shined hair a top her Jeffrey Campbells, isn’t always the one with it all.

Realize your worth is more than the price tag you pulled off of the jeans hugging your body that you know you’re killing and look incredible in. What else did you buy them right? But I ask that you allow yourself those selfish moments of your day. In times of ungratefulness, begin the habit of replacing them with gratitude. Gratitude for you. Everything you have been through, persevered through in times of absolute despair, and arised stronger. Cliché as it sounds, but with every negative thought of jealousy, hate, and anger... takes away a glimpse of light filled with warm love, positive reassurance, and a reminder of why at the end of the day you wouldn’t rather be anyone else.

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