As a young girl growing up, I was always taught to be aware of my surroundings. To be aware that there are demeaning men in this world that will take advantage of women. I was taught that catcalling is disgusting, along with men who think they can touch women however they please.

Being a young woman got even scarier when Donald Trump started running for president. I always worry about my surroundings but even more so now that our possible future president is promoting such degrading and humiliating acts that he has performed on women.

For example: the most recent leaked tape has audio of Trump admitting to kissing a woman right when he met her. He says he doesn't wait because he's a star and they let him do whatever he wants including "grabbing them by the pussy."

Trump supporters continue to give him excuses and say that people need to be forgiven for things they said many years ago, as some tapes being leaked are from the 90s. However, would you forgive a man for walking up to your daughter and grabbing her vagina? Would you think that man is fit to be the leader of a country? No, absolutely not, you would think that man is incredibly sick and revolting.

So why is it different for Donald Trump?

Not only does Trump expect women to take on a specific gender role by believing they are more vulnerable than men and can be treated lesser but he also believes that wives shouldn't expect a husband to change a diaper, as it is a "wife job," he says. He admits that his wife took care of the children and all he did was fund the child. Someone who is going to run a country should be promoting families that work together without the gender roles. Trump says that "women want their husband to act like the wife." Two people starting a family does not mean just the wife is starting a family.

On top of all the absurd things Donald Trump has said, he believes that if his daughter, or any woman, were being sexually harassed in the workplace, she should find a new job. If Trump's daughter left her job, I'm sure it would be quite easy to find a new one, as she is Donald Trump's daughter. If any other woman tried finding a new job, it isn't that easy. How is it fair for the woman who is being harassed, just trying to work, to have to leave her job?

Former Fox chief, Roger Ailes, was accused of sexual harassment. When Trump commented on the issue, he said it was "very sad" that the women were complaining about being sexually harassed because Ailes helped them so much. Trump logic: man does something for a woman and gets to perform sexual acts on her without permission in return?

When they say Donald Trump preys on the young and beautiful, they really do mean young. Another video revealed Trump making a comment saying he was going to be dating a 10-year-old girl in 10 more years. Trump may remind you of an animal who imprinted on generally all young women and then eventually tries to force himself on them with no consequence.

It is beyond saddening that I have friends and family who do support this man when it comes to being our president. They are the same family members who taught me to beware of men like Donald Trump. The same family members who taught me that being a leader meant being professional, respectful and selfless.

Our leader needs to be focusing on making our country stronger as a whole, not just stronger for men. Our leader must know that gender roles are slowly fading away and that promoting them will only make our country go backward, as will demeaning women.

In the words of our first lady, Michelle Obama, "I know this is a campaign but this isn't about politics. It's about basic human decency" which Donald Trump lacks.