My Favorite Things People Are Saying To Defend Trump
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My Favorite Things People Are Saying To Defend Trump

And why they're all a bunch of nonsense.

My Favorite Things People Are Saying To Defend Trump

Usually, articles like this start with an introduction to what the content is going to be about. Typically I would give you a few facts, set the scene, and try not to take the chance of assuming that anyone reading is completely informed about what I'm saying.

I feel like that's not necessary here.

It's not necessary because what I'm talking about speaks for itself in a resounding way. The way republican presidential nominee Donald Trump talked (and continues to talk) about women speaks volumes about what kind of person he is, and what kind of president he would undoubtably be, and I doubt that there's a person in this country who hasn't heard that.

But Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Am I horrified? Yes. Embarrassed for my country? Absolutely. But am I surprised? Not really. Donald Trump is known for his hate speech, not just against women, but against minority groups across the board. If someone had claimed this video's existence before it actually surfaced, I'm sure we all would've believed it.

What's bothering me on a different level right now is the way the American people are explaining away what Trump has said about women.

To be honest, it's almost humorous how people are defending him. It's amazing how far people are willing to go, how tainted they're willing to allow their reputations to become, by supporting Donald Trump.

And I find that with things like this, you either laugh or cry. So.

*All comments taken from the comments sections of articles shared on the Fox News Facebook page*

1. "Donald Trump used the word "pussy" in a private conversation 11 years ago. President Bill Clinton ejaculated on a 22-year-old intern and his wife defended his actions and verbally attacked and publicly shamed the intern. You be the judge."

Okay, let me just do that.

I wanted to get this one out of the way because it seems to be a really popular avenue for Trump supporters. I'm not talking about what President Clinton did. What Secretary Clinton did is pertinent, sure, but in this specific instance, its only use is to distract from what Trump said.

And if the American people consider saying "Grab them by the pussy" as problematic only because of Trump's use of the word "pussy," it's a reiteration of the larger problem we all know we already have.

What Trump said proliferates rape culture. The concept he's communicating is that if you're rich and famous, you can have whatever you want. You can take anything you want. Including kisses and sex from women.

2. "What if Donald J. Trump had said that he wanted to dress like a girl and, in his own mind, identify as a woman so he could pee in the ladies restroom? That would be ok in liberal la la land. They might even paint the White House in rainbow colors!"

This is a multi-layer problem and I almost didn't include it because GOD it's going to take me a while to even attempt to unpack all of it.

This is super hateful, but it's not limited to just the person who wrote it. It's reflective of a larger problem in our culture - the problem of the concept of people who identify with a gender or sexuality that is different than what they're societally associated with being associated with sexual predators.

Which, shouldn't we be reserving that association for people who, I don't know, speak openly about being sexual predators? And let me be clear, that's what Donald Trump is making himself out to be. Anybody who claims that they can take whatever they want from and do whatever they want to women just by nature of their status (or for literally any other reason) is a sexual predator.

3. "Hey.... news flash. Us ladies... we do the same thing. We talk about men and when we are together with our girlfriend and having our 'girl talk', we could probably make you men blush if you heard what we talk about."

Could you maybe not include me in your sweeping statements anymore?

Because I do not talk like this. I don't hang around anyone who talks like this. Which is not to say that there aren't people who do, because I'm positive there are, but if I heard anyone talking that way, man or woman, I wouldn't want anything to do with them.

I was raised to believe in respect for all people, and one of the most pertinent ways to respect others is by respecting their bodies.

I'm not claiming that people should be morally perfect and never have sexual thoughts or express them. But I am absolutely asserting that there is a big difference between being crude in private instances and claiming that you can force yourself on any woman because you're "a star."

4. "It's just a fact of life that men have potty mouths. Trump was talking privately to another man. I have walked in on men having vulgar conversations when they didn't know a woman was in the area. The usually apologize and look embarrassed. That's all this is."

AMAZING. Boys will be boys, right?

No. Not boys who are taught differently.

I have a multitude of problems with this concept, but in this situation, I'm mainly bothered by the fact that people think that this is just how things are, and that it is therefore acceptable.

Because if we as a culture decided that we were no longer going to make excuses for men like Trump acting like being a man makes you an inherently disgusting and shitty person behind closed doors, then perhaps there would be a higher standard across the board.

Let me clarify here. Having a penis does not somehow alter your brain chemistry in a way that makes you say sexually degrading things about women. You are not automatically entitled, you are not born without an ability to respect others, and your hardwiring does not cause you to rape. These are learned and conditioned behaviors. Meaning that they can and should be stopped, if only our culture would demand it.

Which leads me to my next point.

5. "The name calling has to stop. Grow up America. This is what happens in America. I actually am not surprised by these Hillary supporters. Cause there eyes are shut anyways. I know I've said far worse than what trump would ever even come close to saying. But I've never wanted to have someone murdered like Hillary has. Sooooo. The trump supporters are the problem here tho right. I can't with these liberals anymore"

*Pause to remind myself that this article is not about grammar or the heinous way people speak and write*

In addition to this sentiment, there is a lot of talk about rappers who degrade women in their songs and other musicians who sexualize their music regularly. But my argument with that in conjunction with this comment is twofold.

First, neither the rappers and musicians nor this commenter are running for president.

And second, if we're so angry about the sexually degrading way women are portrayed in our culture at large, shouldn't we be selecting a president who demands that our culture improve upon itself rather than a president who proliferates the worst things about our culture?

Culturally speaking, we may have fallen to a place where women are widely seen as objects to be used for male enjoyment, we can choose a leader who can change that. Trump is not that leader.

6. "#Trump said some things that offends people. True. But that doesn't change the fact Trumps ideas and policies could actually fix our failing economy and #MAGA."

This idea could only be stated by a white man. And as a white woman who has lived her life surrounded by better white men than this comment implies, I feel that I have the right to say that.

Because only a select kind of white man is unburdened by the concern that a Trump presidency might completely change his world

To minorities, to women, a world led by Donald Trump is a frightening and unsure place. We do not have the luxury of looking past his brash and crude nature or his sexually degrading comments. Because if he is elected, we have to bear that burden. We will be the targets of a man like that with all that power.

And many white men realize this, and possess the ability to look beyond their world as it pertains only to themselves, a world that Trump will protect because he lives in it too. They are capable of seeing what Trump's presidency could mean for their daughters, their sisters, their wives. What it could mean for their minority coworkers and friends.

But many people, male and female, black and white, from all walks of life, are unable to see the implications. They are blind to the impending danger, and to what we're saying about our culture if we allow a sexual predator to lead our country.

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