Interviews are one of the most uncomfortable things to do for jobs and internships. Right and wrong answers do exist, it just depends on the person that is interviewing you and what they are looking to hear. There are about five questions that are tricky for people. It's tricky because most people fall between the lines of arrogant or humble. Some people are either too humble or too arrogant when it comes to answering questions.

Here are some tips for answering the 5 most tricky questions.

1. What are your strengths & weaknesses?

This is a trick question. You do not want to say my strength is "nothing" because you feel as though you are good at everything. That's arrogant. You do not want to say that your weakness is nothing because that means you aren't being honest. Tell your strength and tell your weakness, but be mindful of what you're saying.

 2. What can you bring to our company?

This is not a time to try and show out. Tell them what you can bring. If you can bring positivity, drive and you are eager to get the tasks done, then let them know that. Don't aloft about yourself. That seems arrogant and no one wants an arrogant person on their team. People want hard-workers who can get along with others and push towards the same goal everyone has for the company.

3. What do you know about our company?

Make sure that you know where you are applying and who you're interviewing for. No one wants to hire someone who doesn't know any information about the company. This is a great way to show someone that you're serious about being a part of the company. This is your opportunity to show that you have done your research and you know that this is a great place for you. Be confident in your answer about what you have researched and what you can bring to the table.

4. Why should we choose you?

This is your time to shine. It is similar to what can you bring to our company, but it isn't the same. This is your chance to show your personality. Show that you can be the person that they are looking for by explaining the qualities you possess and the characteristics you were born with. This is your time to simply, be yourself.

5. Why do you want to work here?

Do not give a dramatic answer as to why you want to work there. Let them know why. What made you want to apply to this company? If you say that you are just looking for a job, that's cool, but that isn't going to make them want to choose you. People want to choose someone who will go above and beyond for the company, like they do. If you are going to be wasted space, that is not what they need nor want.

Showing up to work is one thing, but showing up and showing out is another. Show up and show out.

Interviews are gateways for employers to see who you are and if you are what they need. Interviews are also a way for you to give a great first impression. This is a time to show you are prepared and ready for an upcoming opportunity. Be the best you that you can be in your interviews.