70 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Season

70 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Season

It's The Best Season Ever

Why is winter the best season ever?

Ever since I was a child winter has always been my favorite season. Maybe it is because my birthday is in January? Or maybe because there are so many great things about winter! Even though winter is the coldest season there is just something warm about it to me. Winter allows my family to spend quality time with one another that no other season allows. Whether its from staying up waiting to see if school was canceled/a delayed opening or from playing in the snow together, baking cookies or sipping hot chocolate together. Winter has such a warm feeling to it that everyone loves. During the coldest season the best memories are made and everyone shares a lot of laughter and love during it. Winter starts off with families celebrating Chanukah or Christmas and then it goes right into New Years and it is such a festive time for all families to spend time together. Winter is also one of my favorite seasons because memories are made during these short 4 months. Winter by far tops off all the other seasons…yes the other ones are pretty great too but nothing can top off the first snow fall!

  1. Snow
  2. Mittens
  3. Hats
  4. Jackets
  5. Hot chocolate
  6. Warm cider
  7. Snow days
  8. Delayed openings
  9. Fire places
  10. Snowflakes
  11. Snow men
  12. Playing in the snow
  13. Snow angels
  14. Christmas
  15. Chanukah
  16. Festive lights
  17. Scarves
  18. Sweaters
  19. Sugar cookies
  20. The cold
  21. Tubing
  22. Skiing
  23. Snow boarding
  24. Winter break
  25. Ice Skating
  26. Hallmark movies
  27. New years
  28. Ugg boots
  29. Cuddling
  30. Flannel Pajamas
  31. Festive season
  32. Playing in the snow
  33. Hot cider
  34. Family time
  35. Lazy Sundays
  36. Looking at the stars
  37. Soup for every meal
  38. Boots
  39. Snow flakes
  40. Gloves
  41. Ear warmers
  42. Family
  43. Love
  44. Memories
  45. Laughter
  46. Warmth
  47. Turtle necks
  48. Onesies
  49. Snow ball fights
  50. Valentine’s day
  51. Festive drinks
  52. Warmth
  53. Presents
  54. Fresh air
  55. Ice skating
  56. Pop up markets
  57. Movies
  58. Comfort food
  59. Winter sports
  60. Decorations
  61. The first snow falls of the season
  62. Naps
  63. Blankets
  64. Smell of pine
  65. Candles
  66. Early dismissals
  67. Snow suits
  68. Bubble baths
  69. Warm cider
  70. Festive lights

I hope that after you have read my “Top 70 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season” I can convince you feel the same way as I do. Appreciate the little things this winter and cherish each moment of this great season!

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