Top 5 Reasons To Always Wear Sunscreen

Top 5 Reasons To Always Wear Sunscreen

Sun's out, sunscreen's out, amiright?

The summer weather is just one of the greatest parts about having no school. Summer means high UV index, tanning weather, and laying out at the beach. This also means sunburn. Sunburn happens to nearly all of us. I like to tell everyone I don't burn (because I rarely do) but as I write this my shoulders are in searing pain from the California sun. Besides this, though, there are many reasons you should wear sunscreen.

1. Wrinkles.

When you're prematurely aged because of wrinkles all over your body, you will regret not having worn sunscreen. Leather skin has never been in style (I can't say much for the future), and probably never will be. No one wants to hug something that resembles cow skin. People will probably be staring at your tan skin but not because it's tan.

2. Facial discoloration.

When you don't wear sunscreen, your face can get develop brown spots. No, these are not freckles. Freckles are cute, these spots are not. Also, you can get blisters on your face which are really not something you want especially if you're a teenager already battling acne problems.

3. Skin cancer.

Since it seems that everything is causing cancer these days, when you don't wear sunscreen, you are putting yourself at higher risk. Why would you voluntarily add the risk of melanoma or other forms of skin cancer?

4. Protection.

Sunscreen is more protective than long sleeves and pants. Cotton, especially when it's damp, offers minimal to no protection from the sun. Apply sunscreen under your clothes as well before you get dressed.

5. Humiliation.

Let's be real if you don't wear sunscreen you might look like a lobster real quick. Your eyes can get puffy, you will be peeling everywhere. People will stare, people will laugh. Instead of having your annoying friends/siblings touching your skin asking, "Does it hurt when I do this?" Just put on sunscreen.

Check out this website if you want to know what type of sunscreen is best for your skin:

Go out there and have a great time in the sun, but remember, don't forget sunscreen.

Cover Image Credit: Yale Town

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5 Pearls of Wisdom About Men From My Father

5 Nuggets Of Wisdom From My Dad.

Pearls of Wisdom About Men: 5 Nuggets From My Dad

Growing up in a house where women dominated, my sisters and I didn’t receive too much information about how men operated. My parents married young so there wasn’t a ton of experience to pull from and we didn’t have brothers to ask those burning questions about boys. Having 4 daughters, my father saw many a boy trample through the house to shake his hand as they escorted one his daughters off on a date. He rarely became involved in our love lives but on that unique occasion, he offered these nuggets of wisdom:

  • “Men are brought up to believe that the sun rises and sets on their assholes, it takes a good woman to show them it doesn’t.” He said this to both my sister Helene and I on separate occasions. I still remember at 21 coming home after my much older boyfriend told me he was cheating on me. I had the fortitude to break it off but was heartbroken. I lay on my bed in tears and my father walked in my room, sat down on the edge of the bed and started the conversation off with, “I’m only going to say this once…”

  • “Why should they purchase the cow when they are getting the milk for free.” My sisters and I all heard this at some point in time or another. We believe it was a reverse psychology move to get us to abstain from sex. Then again, he could be correct. You also have to want marriage in order to buy into this one.

  • “…one of the reasons why I stayed true to your mother was because of the STD’s out there.” I’m sure this made my mother feel a certain type of way but I'm also sure it was yet another ploy to get us to avoid sex, unfortunately it did not work.

  • “…there’s still a double standard out there.” A small view into my father’s feminine side. He observed from afar how women were treated and wanted to warn us on some level to be careful. I still have #1 stuck in my head because there is truth to it, but its not just parents who raise boys differently, society buys in to the whole males are still gods propaganda. I’ve worshiped at the altar too many times.

  • “For a shot of V.O. and $20 I can have you killed.” This was my father’s warning to many of our dates. Short and to the point. It also scared many a suitor from returning to the Obst household. Eh, if you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how women ruminate and comb over each word and nuisance of their dates in an attempt to figure out what THEY did wrong. It makes me wonder, if I had brothers would I still be doing this, would I blame myself for mishaps in romance? More than likely yes, because society teaches us that women are still worth less than men. What having sisters taught me was: ruminate all you want girl, you are still beautiful, intelligent and worth all the love in the world.

Cover Image Credit: Christine Obst

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It's Not About What You Wear

Connect with the people you love and everything else will melt away

As a young girl, fashion played a big role in my life. Of course, looking back now, I don’t think I can necessarily call my clothing choices“fashion.” But that never stopped me. I loved dressing up and acting mature, or just dressing down and acting like a complete fool. Whatever I put on, I felt comfortable in. However, that all changed as I began growing up. I started to notice all of the ridiculous standards girls my age were expected to reach: size zero waist, big butt, large breasts, big eyes, small nose, full lips, and long legs. It was overwhelming. My self-esteem that was once so high began to drop further and further down with every little comment or criticism about my body. It got to a point where I began to become convinced that everyone was making fun of my appearance behind my back or at least thinking it. I understand how self-obsessed and narcissistic that may sound, but paranoia really does take over. I pined after the pretty girls I saw on social media with their perfect bodies and fulfilling lives. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that I dreaded leaving the house. The stress of finding something to wear with the intent of hiding or essentially blurring my body became onerous. I hated looking at myself, feeling embarrassed and angry that I let myself look and feel this way.

As I started my infernal journey through high school, my self-esteem began affecting other elements of my life. I started to blame every negative aspect that occurred towards my weight. My life was turning bleak and my existence was becoming questionable. The infliction of insecurities unfolded into something deeper and darker: depression. I looked back and yearned for the 7-year old that was fearless and worry-free. The 7-year-old who was comfortable in her own skin. I soon got myself stuck in a dark hole so deep, it felt inescapable and suffocating.

As I slowly started to approach my final years of high school, I met a group of people in band class during my junior year. Through multiple classes and countless hours spent together through the band program, we became a close-knit group, almost like a bunch of peas squished together into one small pod. As cliché as this may sound, they changed my entire outlook on the world and even on how I viewed myself. The world was gaining back its vivid colors and the rope was being rolled down into my deep dark chasm. I realized that my life is precious and important. I have meaning and purpose. Something as little as my appearance should have no effect on the achievements I wish to pursue in life. The simple act of surrounding yourself with positive vibes and good people can make a whole lot of a difference. However, it is not only about the people around you. It took me a long time to realize this, but the most imperative and influential addendum is your mindset. After months of controlling my anxiety by spending time with convivial people, I started training my mind. I reminded myself of my importance and the people in my life that cared for me. Although my 7-year old persona is not back and may never return, I learned an even better lesson and have become a new person. I got back my sense of importance and meaning. I now see that such insignificant factors, such as how you look or how you dress, should have no correlation to your success in life. The part of me I once pined for has learned to not look back, but to move on forward and focus on the bigger things in life. It has also learned to work that much harder for the things it truly wants.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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