The summer weather is just one of the greatest parts about having no school. Summer means high UV index, tanning weather, and laying out at the beach. This also means sunburn. Sunburn happens to nearly all of us. I like to tell everyone I don't burn (because I rarely do) but as I write this my shoulders are in searing pain from the California sun. Besides this, though, there are many reasons you should wear sunscreen.

1. Wrinkles.

When you're prematurely aged because of wrinkles all over your body, you will regret not having worn sunscreen. Leather skin has never been in style (I can't say much for the future), and probably never will be. No one wants to hug something that resembles cow skin. People will probably be staring at your tan skin but not because it's tan.

2. Facial discoloration.

When you don't wear sunscreen, your face can get develop brown spots. No, these are not freckles. Freckles are cute, these spots are not. Also, you can get blisters on your face which are really not something you want especially if you're a teenager already battling acne problems.

3. Skin cancer.

Since it seems that everything is causing cancer these days, when you don't wear sunscreen, you are putting yourself at higher risk. Why would you voluntarily add the risk of melanoma or other forms of skin cancer?

4. Protection.

Sunscreen is more protective than long sleeves and pants. Cotton, especially when it's damp, offers minimal to no protection from the sun. Apply sunscreen under your clothes as well before you get dressed.

5. Humiliation.

Let's be real if you don't wear sunscreen you might look like a lobster real quick. Your eyes can get puffy, you will be peeling everywhere. People will stare, people will laugh. Instead of having your annoying friends/siblings touching your skin asking, "Does it hurt when I do this?" Just put on sunscreen.

Check out this website if you want to know what type of sunscreen is best for your skin:

Go out there and have a great time in the sun, but remember, don't forget sunscreen.