Top 10 Power Rankings Of The People Of Last Chance U
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Top 10 Power Rankings Of The People Of Last Chance U

As far as sports documentaries go this may be one of the best ever.

Top 10 Power Rankings Of The People Of Last Chance U

If you are anything like me and love college football that means you probably find yourself jonesing for a fix this time of year. Well, Netflix hooked us up this year with the documentary series “Last Chance U.” The series covers the 2015 season of Junior College power house East Mississippi Community College. My uncle and I covered all six episodes in a short two-day span. It gripped us. Since then I have re-watched al six episodes 3 times through. I feel at this point that I can give you all a solid break down of all the characters involved. Here are the top 10 characters of Last Chance U ranked.

10. The guy who makes the lion noises in the stands:

I love when fans themselves get famous just for being fans. This guy just loves the EMCC Lions more than anyone or anything in his life. Every Saturday he is out there making Lion noises in the stands. Later in the series, he gets a nice interview with the camera, but for the life of me, I still don’t really know why he does it. The only thing I chalk it up to is just loving his team. In the movie “The Rookie” there is a quote about how oil rigs keep moving up and down that must mean times are good. As long as lion noise guy is making lion noises, times must be good down in Scooba, Mississippi.

9. The team handy man guy that also wrote his own song about the team:

Similarly to the lion noise guy, this guy just loves himself some Lions football. So much that he wrote an original song about the pride of the Lions. That alone sets him apart from most, but he also gives his services to the team fixing random stuff around the complex and dorms where the team lives. It also seems that he does this all pro-bono because I’m almost certain no member of the team could pay him being a college student. That’s commitment and love for the team.

8. Clint Trickett:

I didn’t even know Clint was coaching football after his days of quarterbacking West Virginia, but was delighted to see he was now the quarterback's coach for EMCC. I was a big Clint Trickett fan ever since he called out Nick Saben in 2014 saying his first kiss was Saben’s daughter. Bold move going after Lucifer like that but that’s just the way Clint rolls fast and reckless. Consequently, that’s also why he suffered around 6 concussions during his time down in Morgantown. Coaching junior college ball and being in front of the camera is a solid transition for Clint and his dreamy stubble. Hopefully, in 10 years we’ll see Clint patrolling the side lines of a top college program, and we’ll all rejoice knowing it started down in Scooba.

7. Isiah Wright:

Isiah comes out hot in the first game after substituting himself in the game as a Kick returner and taking the ball to the house. Baller move if I say so myself. I would never be confident enough to just tell the guy in front of me I’m taking over and going to dominate it. This alone would have gotten Isiah a nice spot here on my power rankings but where Isiah really come on strong is after the starting running back D.J. Law goes down with an injury. Isiah goes all Chris Commer on everyone’s expectation and it almost seems like he’s the better running back. Isiah has another year to grab the attention of a top DI program and expectations will be high after his Steller freshman season, but if anyone can outpace those expectations it’s Isiah, because he’s the same guy that checked himself into a game and took a kick off to the house. Stay you Isiah.

6. Ollie:

Ollie makes plays. Simple as that. The guy isn’t the most technically sound defensive tackle but at the end of the day, he just litters the stat sheet. His recruiting process and getting out of Scooba wasn’t what he wanted, but he’ll be happy going to Nicholls State with his buddy Marcel we are all left wondering what would have happened if the season would not have been cut shortly. We will never know, but getting to Nicholls State is a net positive for Ollie after seeing where he came from. I’ll wish Ollie would be gracing my Saturday SEC games but it just wasn’t meant to be, and that will bum me out a bit until I think about Ollie and Marcel in an ice bath together hanging out and telling stories, then I’ll be happy again knowing they are still playing together.

5. Head Coach Buddy Stephens:

He should be higher. As a head coach for a football programs being featured on a Netflix documentary he should be topping the list, but this year showed some holes in his reign of head coach for the Lions. Most notably his two-game suspension for getting into an altercation with a referee’s assistance. Not a good look for the boys. Those actions go to cost him at the end when the team is suspended for the playoffs for a bench clearing brawl against a garbage opponent. He refers to his team as a bunch of thugs and rednecks. Low blow coach. Obviously his players turn on him. After watching the brawl on film with a chaw of Red Man Gold Blend and seeing what happened. He goes before the team and tells him he’s proud of them and that he was sorry, but the damage was done. The most damning evidence against coach Stephens was at the end of the last episode when it was shown that his Offensive coordinator was named “head coach in waiting” which can never be a good look for the standing head coach.

4. John Franklin III:

John makes plays. He’s the quintessential DI transfer for EMCC. A guy who just looking to move back up to the promise land but needs his six month in Scooba before that. This year it doesn’t seem as clean cut for John. He finds himself in a position battle, and in fact does not win it. His inconsistencies show through and it seems for a minute that John is going to spend two years in Scuba. Fortunately for John a gift from god appears in the last game by way of a scout from Auburn. QB1 Wyatt Roberts goes down with an injury and John Franklin III scores every touchdown for the Lions in the first half and earns himself a scholarship from Auburn. Life works out like that sometimes. And the wheels keep on turning for John Franklin III.

3. DJ Law:

Here is the guy you can’t help but root for no matter what he puts himself through. On the football field there is no one better. D.J. biggest opponent was the class room. That alone is too simple of an explanation. A little too stereotypical and easy. No, the roots of D.J.’s struggle is one seen across this country. D.J. held the hopes and dreams of the town he grew up in on his shoulders. He alone was supposed to be the person to give his hometown purpose and respect. Everyone always told him that he was meant to play in the NFL. That is a lot for a kid to handle. So near the end of the series when the cards are on the table Ms. Wagner cuts through all that, because she’s the best and seen this before. She knows it’s easier for D.J. to just not try and fail then to try and let everyone down. He sees that easy out of just not being able to pass class as a decent explanation for his troubles. He gets it together briefly and lands an offer from University of Alabama-Birmingham on the grounds that he would graduate from EMCC in the summer. Unfortunately as of today he is not on the team’s roster.

2. Wyatt Roberts:

The man who beat out John Franklin III for the starting spot. Nothing but consistent and competitive. He doesn’t give the coaches any reason to bench him throughout the season and leads the Lions the best he can. During the season we see him out in the woods decked out in camo shooting guns and hunting. His thick Mississippi drawl fits his persona to a T. The entire time we root for him to land the big D1 offer. It never arrives. Wyatt says it doesn’t bother him. That he’d be happy being an average Joe student at Mississippi State. But I don’t believe that for a second. You don’t win a QB competition against a guy like John Franklin III without a competitive fire. You don’t run through defenders at the goal line without something inside of you telling the doubters to F off. The only glimpse we get of that off the football field comes from Ms. Wagner who tells the cameras about one time Wyatt stormed out of her office after talking about not getting a D1 offer. How his one offer is from a D2 school in Mississippi. Ms. Wagner tells him that it be a great education and solid move. Wyatt tells her no. He played back up to Chad Kelly for a year before he went to Ole Miss and he beat out John Franklin for the job this year, He’d be damned if he goes D2. I bet he is content with being an average student at Mississippi State, and going back to his house on Saturdays to hunt and watch football with his dad, but I’m willing to bet that every now and then when we watches those games that fire lights back up, he gets a little pissed off thinking about not playing anymore and he gets restless thinking about how he could play ball at any college in America. That fire is still there in Wyatt. That’s why I will hold out hope that he walks on at Mississippi State and gives it one last shot, because he can’t sleep at night without thinking about what might be.

1. Ms. Wagner:

The best of the best. Ms. Wagner is tasked with the nearly impossible duty of being the academic adviser for the team. Translation, gets these boys eligible to graduate and transfer. This means stocking her office with pencils and paper, it means reading stories that will be quizzed on, it means tracking guys down who want to quit and skip class. She does it all. She’s on the sidelines on Saturdays high fiving the guys after big plays. She gives it everything she has to get these guys through EMCC, and every year she does it again. She has no salvation. She has no D1 offers to get her out of Scooba. This is it for her. The last episodes when the guys on the team finally realize this and take their picture with her so she can pin it on her bulletin board she cries, and she’ll cry next year, and the one after that, because you don’t push guys through Scuba without the heart and determination. She’s the real-life Mrs. Taylor from Friday Night Lights. Early on the series there is a shot of her watching a preseason football game on NFL network drinking a glass of red wine. That is a football women through and through. You’re the best Ms. Wagner. After coach Stephens moves on and countless D1 guys pass through her office Ms. Wagner may very well still be in Scooba giving the program everything she has because that is here job and that is what she loves.

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