Whether you have anxiety or are just having an anxious day, sometimes it feels like there's no way out. You're trapped a a thought loop that makes your brain feel like it's going a mile a minute.

While not every situation has an immediate "way out" per say, there are a few tricks to help calm your body and mind down to a point that can make tasks a bit more manageable.

Think About Your Environment


Some people experience environmental sensitivities that make them more anxious. This could be a room with fluorescent lights, a noisy area, a crowded space, or just a place that lends itself to a negative thought stream for one reason or another. Do your best to help yourself learn what you body responds best to. Is it a dark room with white noise? It it a small space? Is it a room with a cooler temperature? Evaluate the environment each time you're getting nervous. Tracking this information can help you create space in your room or apartment to retreat to when you get home after an anxious day.

Keep A Few Treat Recipes Handy


There is such a thing as a food group that helps people stay calm. For example, lavender tea or lemonade is known to help reduce anxiety. The same can be said about chamomile tea, yogurt, or even bananas. Keep a few of these items in your kitchen to treat yourself to when you're feeling nervous.

Listen To The Sounds That Soothe You


Do you have a playlist that flat out makes you smile? If you don't, consider creating one. This can be a mix of your favorite throwback tunes, nature noises, or even simulated white noise. Think about what drowns out negative thoughts best for you, and make them available at your disposal. This means your laptop, your phone, your car - wherever you might experience nervousness.

Remember, You've Got A Support System


This one can be tough for some people. Not everyone is easily able to identify who their support system is. The thing is, while many people find this resource in their parents, their friends, or their significant others, those aren't the only groups available to you. Most universities offer counseling services at little to no cost to students. While it can be hard to talk to someone new about what you're feeling, it can only help you. If you're not a student, many communities have support systems locally. If you're still having trouble locating support, you can even check out online counseling options, which are increasing in popularity due to the fact that they can be accessed from anywhere. Remember, you're never alone. We all get anxious sometimes, but support is one of the key tools that breaks people out of that feeling, even temporarily.

Take Time To Yourself


Self care is something that can make or break people. Even the most "put together" person needs a day off here and there to recharge their batteries. Consider keeping a kit in your room that has things that help you relax. For some people, this means face masks or bath bombs. For others, it may mean listening to their favorite playlist, watching their favorite movie, or lighting a candle that makes them feel at home. Know how to treat yourself every once in a while. It will save you from a breakdown somewhere along the road.

Never forget, mental health is equally as important as physical health. If you're feeling anxious, it's okay. Everyone feels that way sometimes. You're never alone, so be sure to use your resources.

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