To Those Who Are Watching Their Mothers Battle Breast Cancer

To Those Who Are Watching Their Mothers Battle Breast Cancer

Here are a few words of advice. I promise it will eventually all get better

If you're anything like me and your mom is your best friend, I know how hard this is for you. Hearing those words come out of the doctor's mouth or your mother's is something you can't forget. Those tears are something that you feel you may not be able to wipe away, but I promise you that at the end of it all, she'll be okay. I promise. Here are 7 things to remember while going through this hard time.

1. No matter what stage your mom is in she'll probably have to go through treatments. Be there for her. I know this is extremely hard for you but imagine how it is for her. There comes a point in the circle of life where you have to take care of your mother and this is a time where it has to happen early. This is when you grow up and you help her in anyway possible. There were days I skipped school to stay home and help her get around or cook for my family. In order for your mom to be strong, you have to be too.

2. The surgeries are awful and it's something you don't want to see. They also take a huge toll on her body and her spirit. You have to respect the fact that she probably will never feel the same again. It's literally life changing what your mom is going through. You need to remind her of how beautiful she is, because she is so beautiful and she may not think so, especially after the surgeries.

3. As much as you want to be there for her, there's only so much you can do. Make sure she's in a local cancer support group, that was one thing that helped my mom more than anything and I am so grateful she was apart of it. If you can't find one, have her talk to someone you guys know who has been through and beaten breast cancer. It will help her out more than you can imagine. YOU also need to find someone who has went or is going through the same thing that you're going through. It'll help you cope with it better and will help you have a healthier mindset.

4. Wear pink and think pink. Now that your mom has breast cancer your whole house, family, and lifestyle will be pink. It's something that surprisingly isn't forced. You'll have the want and need to wear pink to show all the support you can. Pink will become symbol in your family forever, and it will be part of you forever. Pink is a symbol of courage, strength, and hope. Wear it and flaunt it with pride.

5. The power of prayer is incredible. I don't care what God you believe in or what religion you are. I am a firm believer that prayer is important and it helps. Religion and faith are two important things in times like this. You gotta have faith and you gotta believe in the power of prayer.

6. Always have high spirits. Happiness is another powerful thing and feeling. In hard times like this you have to be able to joke around and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine out there and it will keep you, your mom, and your family from thinking negative thoughts. Positive thoughts and good vibes only.

7. This is an emotional time for your whole family and some people handle things like this better than others, but just be mindful of how people in your family cope and deal with things. You're all in the same boat together. You're all feeling different things. Just remember to keep your head up and be the rock for your mom. You're allowed to be upset about this, just try not to be upset in front of her. She needs you now more than ever.

Never feel like you're alone. So many girls and boys all over the world have watched a loved one battle, suffer and die from breast cancer. Being it's October, be supportive and promote breast cancer awareness so that one day we'll find a cure and no one has to see their loved one go through this ever again.

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