You aren't alone.

I want you to know I understand when you're in a deep darkness. It's not always easy to look to yourself for happiness. It's easier to find someone to fill the void in you. It's even quite possible that you lost yourself in the midst of loving someone else. I know how hard it is to want to give someone so much. But it’s also important to remember to love yourself while loving someone else, too. Loving yourself will make it easier to love someone else. If you love someone when you don't love yourself, it can lead to a significant amount of issues.

These issues include trust issues, anxious thoughts, and obsessive behaviors.

You want to be able to be confident within yourself to trust your partner. You have to believe in yourself that you're worth something, and you do not need to look for your worth in others. I know how much easier it is to love someone and expect them to make you happy all the time, but it is important to find happiness within yourself. I know that person feels like the future, but they can be temporary.

But yourself, you aren't temporary. You will have yourself for the rest of your life, you’re an art piece; a masterpiece waiting to be created. If you put all of your expectations for happiness into another individual and they all of a sudden leave, you're going to lose yourself even more then you already have. It's easy to forget about yourself when you're loving someone else. It is important to find your love for yourself without the love of others. Do not let the love from someone else define the way you see yourself.

You're beautiful, you're important, and you matter without someone who you find happiness in. Self-care priorities will improve the way you see yourself; doing hobbies you love, surrounding yourself with happiness and love. But at the end of the day, the most important love you have in your life will be from yourself. It will be you against the world.

It is easy to go to someone else when times get hard. It is important to trust your partner enough to let them into every part of your mind, both the good and bad. What isn't healthy is the mindset, "I wouldn't be able to function without them in my life", and I know you may feel like that now, but these feelings are only temporary.

A relationship cannot be fully satisfied or healthy if you don't trust yourself first. It's good to be self-aware of the future and know something may not work out. It’s not about looking at the relationship in a negative perspective, but to look at life in a realistic way. To tell yourself, I don't need anyone for my happiness. It's possible to find happiness on your own. It’s possible to find your thing, your passion, or what truly matters to you and sometimes you need to do that on your own.

You need to build and construct your life the way you want it to be. Find your inner peace and come to terms with yourself before building a relationship with someone else. You come first.

Explore your power and creativity.

Find the things you love to do, and do these things alone. Go see a movie alone, take an art class alone, go to hot yoga by yourself. Enjoying individual time to yourself is important. As humans, we crave human interaction when we’re down, but it's important to be content with loneliness and being happy while doing so. Being able to bring yourself up from a hard time is the most liberating feeling.

Use daily affirmations.

Daily affirmations are daily reminders of how amazing and powerful you are. They are reminders that you can be anyone you want to be. Tell yourself that self-love is your main goal to achieve.

Loving yourself is the root of every healthy relationship, with yourself, a friend, or a romantic partner. You cannot fully love someone else without loving yourself first; being fully satisfied with who you are and your abilities. Your strength is the electricity in any relationship. Your positivity and trust will radiate your entire soul, and there, you will find inner peace to depend on yourself for happiness.