To The Friends I Made As A College Freshman
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To The Friends I Made As A College Freshman

If you think this is about you, it probably is

To The Friends I Made As A College Freshman
Hello Giggles

First and foremost, thank you. Thank you for sharing the memories that made of my first year of college one for the books. Thank you for being apart of the fastest year of my life because without you, it might have taken much longer. College is a big transition in many ways. You start your life in a different town, sometimes even state, and rewrite your entire story. No one knows your name, your past, and your footsteps eventually take you to places that you have never been before. The varsity sports you played in high school? No one cares. Literally no one, at all, so don't even try to tell someone the story of how you carried the team on your back homecoming game. The fender-bender you got in the week before you started school? Now you have a hilarious story to tell.

You meet new people in college and at times it can be lonely and many start off without knowing anyone. But then, like a title wave, everything clicks and you find your people. So, to my people: thank you for helping me study, feeding me pizza, walking home with me in the pouring rain, and taking me home when I am a slob-ca-bob. Thank you for helping me make decisions when I can't make up my mind (which is always) and thank you for the countless hours of laughter. But, on top of it all, thank you for being the best friends I have ever had.

Thank God we are getting out of the dorms where a 5' by 7' cube was a home for those eight months of school; but, I will miss walking down the hall without shoes in order to hang out.

I sure am going to miss you a whole lot this summer but I can't wait for all of us to be home with our families after a year out-of-state. Things like our dogs, clean showers, and home cooked meals suddenIy become luxury; and we are all in need of some luxury after our eventful (to say the least) freshman year. I already know there are going to be road trips, many text messages sent back and forth, lots of "I miss you's", and lots of reminiscing about one of the craziest years of my life I was fortunate enough to share with all of you.

Shakespeare once said, "a friend understands where you have been, accepts who you have become, and still gently allows you to grow". Elaborating on the fact that you all understand and accept me for who I am would start to be too mushy for my liking, so just know that I do agree with Shakespeare ;). Many of us had different experiences in high school, which I am grateful for because it has shaped us into who we have become. I wish I would have had the opportunity to know you before college, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

So friends, just know you are my sisters, my best confidants, and my future bridesmaids (if I get married still working on that step) but most of all the most psychotic people I have ever encountered and I would not have it any other way.

P.S I am convinced that we are all made of magic, sparkles, and rainbows considering we made this year out alive.



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