Tricks & Treats You Can Do To Continue Spookiness November
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5 Tricks And Treats You Can Do To Continue Those Spooky Vibes Into November

Vive la Halloween!


No, no, no, sir, it's definitely not I who's too old for Halloween!

It's that time of the year again where people are either partying, putting on a mask and pretending they're young enough to hop houses for candy, or people are chilling at home probably avoiding giving candy to young ones.

The best part about Halloween? Age does not matter! You can go ahead and do whatever you would like. Nothing ever stops anyone from dressing up, even if it is the good old-fashioned white blanket with holes. Wanna get candy? Go ahead! You might not be able to hop home to home because it might be awkward, but one of the biggest things that have always held people back is society itself with its expectations; and when you constantly repeat something into society, be it a singular person or a group, it becomes normal and society will follow. So go ahead and hop home to home if you so wish it, just, you know, maybe hide your face if you are nervous.

The other best part about Halloween? The movies! Oh, yes. Every night will be repeated with some type of horror movie marathon or generally anything that has a backbone worth enough to be considered a Halloween movie, but nothing beats "Nightmare Before Christmas," "Casper," "The Exorcist," "Ghostbusters: (ESPECIALLY the most recent one), "Hocus Pocus," "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and so much more. "Beetlejuice" is a personal favorite. I love the idea of having to repeat someone's name three times in order to summon them.

Another great part to it all is the spooky games and the extra parties of people just dressing up. You can have the more thrill type of people trying to play around with spirits (which they probably shouldn't do, but to each their own).

If you want some especially terrifying, thrill-seeking dares, I recommend going to sixpenceee's blog and doing their Forgotten Dares (here's another compilation). Do all of it with safety and make sure to stop if anything goes wrong.

Some single person or group-of-friends games are:

The 11 Miles Ritual, where you drive, on your own, through a wooden path or an empty highway at nighttime and you have to move at a specific pace. You do so for 11 miles and with each mile, something changes, but you must not be distracted. You must not leave your car. You must not look around. There is no one there.

The Midnight Game is when you are inviting then playing hide and seek with spirits inside your home where some of the rules are: Never stop moving, keep all the lights off, and always relight your candle.

The Host Game where, again, the home is dark, but you invite spirits to your home to party it out, but you and your group of friends can NOT look back at any point in the game. You can only look forward, moving in one way. Things might turn on. Things might move. Do not. Look. Back.

Happy Haunting!

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