Dont's At a Haunted House
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Dont's At a Haunted House

Things you should really not do at a haunted attraction

Dont's At a Haunted House

Hello friends who I assume love Halloween just as much as I do! With it officially being the wonderful season of fall (even though in PA we are experiencing a heat wave *GAG*), I want to remind everyone that my favorite holiday is Halloween. There are so many things to love about Halloween, and I'm not just talking about free candy. There's so many different activities and delicious things to eat: corn mazes, hay rides, caramel apples, candy apples, pumpkin EVERYTHING, carving pumpkins, scary movies, ghost tours, and anything to do with haunted houses. Now that is what I'm here to talk about: haunted houses. Now everyone loves a good scare during this time of the year, so here a few things not to do when visiting a haunted house.

1. Don't pretend you're not scared!

You paid $20 dollars for your ticket. You waited in line for about an hour on a Friday night. You finally get into the haunted house. Don't try to act cool for your date. Let yourself get scared, and if you are scared don't pretend your not! You literally are paying the actors in the attraction to scare you, so let them do their job.

2. Leave the actors alone.

I was recently at a haunted house and unfortunately my fiancé and I got lumped with a group of five 15 year olds. These boys proceeded to scream back, cat call, and just make jokes about the actors. The actors aren't here to be ridiculed, and I'm sure they don't appreciate having someone scream in their face and insult them when they are just trying to do their job. So don't be like these boys, have some haunted house manners. This also goes for if you know the actor. Don't say their name, and try to talk to them like you would at school or at work. They are in their character, so for the time being they are not your friend, they are some evil undead creature there to give you a scare.


Most haunted attractions keep the group walking through relatively small. However they still walk through in a straight line the majority of the time. If you are in the front of the line you will receive the scare first. DON'T POINT IT OUT AND SPOIL IT FOR THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU. It seriously ruins the haunted house. Now that being said, people in the back can also spoil the experience for others. This can also be lumped with my previous point, no one wants to hear you criticize the attraction, it'll spoil the trip for everyone.

4. No Touchey.

Do. Not. Touch. Anything. That. Means. Actors. And. Props.

Props are paid for, they are created, they are there to look at or be used by the actors. Do not deface property or mess up something that is part of the haunt. Do not touch the actors. They do not touch you, so just return the courtesy.

5. Don't wear a costume.

Okay, this might seem like a dumb point to make, but some haunted house actors have experienced people wearing masks and costumes inside of it. Wearing a costume or mask to a haunted attraction is just confusing for all involved. Are you working it? Are you walking through it? Are you part of that group or part of the attraction? MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE.

6. Don't try to scare the actors.

Okay, this can probably fit in my second (or third) point also, but I'll just leave it down here. If you see an actor before you get to where they are hidden, do not try to scare them!

7. Not every attraction is for everyone!

This one id mostly directed at older siblings or parents taking the young kids in the family out for the night. Just like how some movies are too scary for the kids, some attractions are too! Please don't bring your five year old niece to a haunted house where even some adults wet their pants.

That's it for my list, I hope you all have a spoopy, fantastic month of Halloween and see go to all of the haunted attractions your little heart desires!


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