To my mirror,

It's hard to have a relationship with you.

You are the only one that knows all of my insecurities and how to make me feel small. I've spent years trying to validate myself to you and to show you my worth, but a lot of the times you just bring me down. And that's hard to come to terms with.

Sometimes there are good days. You compliment my angles or congratulate me on my outfit choice or show me my makeup is symmetrical. You have the power to make me smile and make me feel good about myself. And for those times I am grateful.

But the good days cannot compare to the days where you make me feel sad.

You show me my flawed skin and abnormal figure. You see me cry and do nothing. You make others who look at you look angelic and beautiful while you make me feel like I should never look at you at all. It hurts to look at you. It hurts knowing that you can have that kind of power over me.

But here's something that I've realized through the years of being with you.

No matter what you show me when I look at you, I am still beautiful. I know I am beautiful because I make a conscious effort to be a good person and to make a difference in my community. I am beautiful because I care about my education and my friends and my family. I am beautiful because I tell myself I am. And that's what counts.

So even though our relationship is hard, I will show you I am beautiful. Through good angles or bad acne, I will show you how worthy I am of your affection. And I will keep showing you until you see it too. Because I am beautiful.

And I am enough.