To Fall Addicts Everywhere
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To Fall Addicts Everywhere

Loving fall is a hobby and an art.

To Fall Addicts Everywhere
Avery Felty

“Hi, My name is Avery and I am addicted to Autumn/Fall.”

*Sluggish voices in the background* “Hiiiii, Averyyyy…”

I know we have only hit August 1 about a week ago but I am (along with others) already planning for fall and getting way too excited as though something really exciting is going to happen. Mainly, something exciting is about to happen because autumn is right around the corner and I could not be more ecstatic. So, I decided to make a nice list of things that my fellow fall-addicts can swoon over and just remember what a great time fall is (and can be, if you do not particularly like fall).

1. Crisp air

I am sorry but there is nothing better than waking up to a chilled room and walking outside to not become suffocated by the hot 100 degree weather. The chill low of 40 and the chill high of 65 is just doable.

2. Cute Outfits

There is nothing more adorable then a girl in black tights with a hit of maroon lip stain and booties. Nothing! Throw in a cute skirt or dress and you will want to frolic through a sunflower patch in your cashmere sweater.

3. Coffee

You can finally get a hot coffee without dripping of sweat and actually have the coffee warm your little tummy inside. Plus, this is the perfect time to indulge in an extra shot of French Vanilla and/or pumpkin.

4. Pumpkins

Cute little pumpkins that just scream, “Take me home and carve me into something magical.” Okay, who does not like carving pumpkins? Probably Donald Trump and no one likes Donald Trump.

5. Runs

You can actually go on a run without dying of heat exhaustion. This is my favorite time of year to get outside and take a walk or go for a run. Maybe even a bike ride, kayaking, or hiking a mountain somewhere. It is a refreshing way to get out and active.

6. Who is ready for Penn State football!

Me, me and me! Oh and about more than half of the country.

7. The adorable scenery

You can smile on your walk to work or class. You can look forward to the cute Halloween decorations. You can be happy to be alive because leaves are so colorful and they make you feel colorful and full of life.

8. Scarves

Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves in the cutest little scarf? Hillary Clinton. Probably Hillary Clinton. But, we forgive her for her choice in fashion.

9. Movies

"Hocus Pocus," "Halloween Town," "Harry Potter," "The Nightmare before Christmas," "Casper," "Twilight"… the list goes on and on.

10. Cute Socks

Yes, I am talking about the ones with the buttons and the ruffles that I may or may not own.

11. Cuddle Weather

Grab a cute boy and cuddle. It’s good for your happy levels (Oxytocin) Yes, Andrew Tarafas I am grabbing you for this ordeal.

12. Sunsets

The sunset is gorgeous but there is just something about those autumn sunsets.

13. Sunflowers

I am obsessed with sunflower patches and just sunflowers in general.

14. Food

The food gets so delicious and so many desserts come out from hiding. Pumpkin Soup, Apple Pie, Pumpkin cookies, Pumpkin pie… Gosh, I can’t.

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