The year is beginning; the first comes to our mind is to start going to the gym. By the years, we get more and more weight; then, exercising is necessary. I have to admit I am the laziest person in the world. I only like sports when I watch them on TV, and even then, I get tired. People use to say: "After a workout, you feel so good," but it is a lie. I feel worse when I have done my workout.

I hate sweating; I hate soreness; I hate to feel tired after I workout. Exercising is a nightmare for me. However, I know how important it is to have a workout routine. Our bodies evolve according to our habits. In twenty years, the shape of a person who exercises is entirely different than somebody who does not. I am not only talking about getting weight; I am talking about illness, health problems, take a lot of medications.

The truth is I don't want to be a sick woman at the age of fifty. I prefer to be like Sandra Bullock, Kate Blanchet or Julian Moore (I am not going to say JLo because she is too much). For my benefit, I started going to the gym a couple of months ago.

I did it well. I had a routine, and I did not miss any day. I want to share how I did it because if I can have a workout routine, you absolutely can too.

1. Be realistic.

If you never exercise; if you always want to stay on the bed instead of working out, you cannot expect to go to the gym five times per week. Start with a realistic goal. It could be two times per week. When you accomplish the routine, you can get more days.

2. Have a plan.

For example, we lose a pound after we burn 3500 calories. You can make a routine where every time you workout you burn 350 calories; then after ten sessions, you should lose one pound. If you don't like math, you should plan what kind of workouts you want to do each day, for instance, one day you can work in cardio, and another one with machines, or going a class. The idea is to have a goal, and enjoy it.

3. Don't think about it.

Do you think that you have to brush your teeth every day? Or do you plan to eat, or take a shower? We do all these staffs without thinking because it is part of our lives. Exercising should be the same. If you choose to go to the gym Mondays and Thursdays, you just go.

4. Go to classes.

Today, all the gyms have many funny classes you can take such as yoga, Zumba, cycle zone, belly dancing, aqua fit, Kickbox Cardio or Pilates. They are cool, and you burn a lot of calories with them. Try all of them, and have a routine when you pick your favorite.

5. Go outside.

You can argue you don't like gyms. I understand. There are many activities you can do: walking, jogging, swimming, or practicing a sport. Also, there are places for specific activities: karate, boxing, dancing, jujitsu and more. And don't forget the videos, you can have your routine in your home if it is easier for you. The most important is you working out.

6. Apps.

There are hundreds of workout apps you can download. The options are infinite: to check how many calories you burn, how many steps you do, giving you a routine according to with your goals, teaching you how to jog, telling you the best machines at the gym and more and more. If we use apps for silly reasons like to get imaginary Pokémon, we can have one for health.

Do you see? Starting a routine is not as hard as we think. Now, make the decision and let's do it.