Save the whales! Save the turtles! Save the Earth!

We hear about stories all the time where sea turtles have straws stuck in their noses or a whale died because its body was packed full of trash. We hear about how our trash is ruining the Earth, harming the ecosystems, and damaging the environment. Climate change? Global warming?

We all know the drill. We were taught the three R's early on in life: reduce, reuse, recycle! It was like a mantra being repeated over and over. Reduce, reuse recycle! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

So many people, kids as well as adults, are so very clueless and ignorant when it comes to this issue. They don't understand that we're killing the lives of humans and animals alike, the pollution of our air and our water is essential!

So, for those of you who want some easy tips and tricks to being environmentally friendly, here they are!

1. Reusable straws.

Okay, so I can admit that I love straws as much as the next person. Whether it's drinking water or drinking coffee, I desperately NEED a straw. I just hate the idea of coffee staining my teeth or the idea of cold ice water hitting my teeth. I used to go through straws like crazy but now I have been more conscious about the consequences. I have invested in reusable straws and they are amazing! They're easy to use, easy to wash, and even easy to carry if necessary. I'm not one of those people who carry around reusable straws in my purse so when I go out, I just suck it up and drink my drink without a straw.

2. Reusable cup or water bottle.

This step is one that you definitely should follow. First of all, plastic water bottles are so bad for you. The plastic is laced with chemicals so already, that's a fat no. Second, if you leave those plastic water bottle in the heat, these chemicals will become pronounced in your water. Plus, so many of these plastic water bottles end up in the ocean, where they are consumed by whales, or dolphins, or sea turtles. Just don't do it! Investing in a reusable water bottle or cup is worth it, plus you save money! You pay a one time fee at the store, in which case most water bottles range around $9-20. Additionally, if you refill your reusable water bottle, you no longer have to spend about $5 every couple of months on a new pack of water bottles. Also, Starbucks offers you a great deal! I know where you're headed, cups or mugs at Starbucks are expensive! They actually just realized a reusable venti cup that is complete with a lid and straw for only $3! I use this cup for water, tea, or coffee all the time! And the best part is, bringing in a reusable cup to Starbucks saves you money! You say 10 cents per purchase and that doesn't seem like a lot but those 10 cents really add up!

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

So we've already gone over reducing and reusing, by ending plastic straws and plastic water bottles, but the next key step is recycling! I'm sure you already know but you can recycle clean plastic, paper, and metal products! So if you're going to ignore my second tip and continue using plastic water bottles, the least you can do it recycle it. When you go to the store, try and make a conscious effort to buy items that can be recycled or better yet, items made from recyclable materials. Recycle those cereal boxes or those protein bar boxes! If you don't know what can and can't be recycled, look it up! It takes two minutes of your time, not even!

4. Save water!

So I'm sure many of you have been told before to take shorter showers. Whether it's to save on your water bill or to save the environment, definitely follow this step! There are so many ways for people to save money, you just have to make a conscious effort to do. Take shorter showers is one example. If you can't take shorter shows then just turn off the water during shampooing and conditioning. The little steps count and most definitely matter! If you're washing the dishes, wet all the dishes before you start and have a side bowl of soap and water. There's no need to keep the water running. Turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth. Another thing that people don't think about is water your plants and grass at night! So many people turn their sprinklers or hoses on during the day during 95-degree weather just to have the water quickly evaporate. Wait until sunset or night time so that your plants can be watered and actually receive the water.

5. Car pool.

Carpool is super neat because guess what! You get to save gas! And we all know that gas is freaking expensive as hell! The fewer people drive their cars, the less toxic fuels are emitted into the air. So the next time you and your friends are going to school, ride together. Take turns driving every day or every week. Carpool if you're going to work. Carpool if you're making plans to get food. It doesn't matter, just take one car!

So all in all, save those turtles people! Save those whales and for goodness sakes, save the Earth! Use these super easy and quick tips that may seem small but will, in the end, make a huge difference!