15 Self-Care Tips When You Only Have 15 Minutes

15 Self-Care Tips When You Only Have 15 Minutes

Spend some time on yourself


As students, it never seems like there's enough time in the day. Days can get busy and make weeks feel like they are so long, next week will never come.

1. Do some yoga

2. Call a friend or a family member

3. Cuddle

Whether it's your favorite pet, your favorite stuffed animal, or your favorite human go for it.

4. Take a nap

5. Listen to music

You never know- it could turn into your own personal dance party (see number 15).

6. Read a book

7. Take a walk

8. Do a mini workout

Run like your life depended on it

9. Doodle/Color something

Maybe not this wild, but be creative!

10. Try a face mask

11. Meditate

*me trying to meditate*

12. Journal

Write a list of things you're grateful for, write a list of goals, write a bucket list, write your feelings. Just grab a pen and let the ink flow.

13. Paint your nails

14. Grab a snack

Grab some water, a snack, or indulging in some ice cream would help improve any mood.

15. Have a dance party

Sometimes you just gotta dance it out.

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Life Is So Much More Than Ourselves

The lives we live are really so much bigger than just ourselves.


I hope people hear this loud and clear when I say that this generation of people and quite frankly our society as a whole has become one of the most selfish to date. I really hope people reading this don't take it as me calling people out, "throwing shade" or bashing humanity, I'm just trying to put out a call to action but in a more blunt way.

This generation subconsciously lives by the "me, my, mine" lifestyle. Everything is all about us, and what we want and immediate satisfaction or gratification from the things that we do in life. We always want someone to notice what we are doing, that we did it and we want to be acknowledged for it. Our wants and desires power so much of what we do and how we react to what others do and so on and so forth. Also, kind of piggybacking on that, we tend to believe or live by the idea that, "yeah it happens, but it's never gonna happen to me" which can be a major issue when it comes to decision making. This is because we don't think about how it affects anyone but ourselves, usually in the immediate sense rather than the long term.

With that being said it can become an issue when we choose to ignore the other things going on around us like, "oh, someone else will get it." and then things like the trash epidemic and the state at which our planet and country is in now. We have become so self-absorbed that it's to hell with everything else. The places that we call home and the world that we know is falling apart and we are all just gonna sit by and watch like nothing is happening.

I am tired of the mentality that we as a society live in, and how we try to desperately to look great on social media but do nothing about it in real life. It is time that things change and we are the ones changing it.

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