As students, it never seems like there's enough time in the day. Days can get busy and make weeks feel like they are so long, next week will never come.

1. Do some yoga

2. Call a friend or a family member

3. Cuddle

Whether it's your favorite pet, your favorite stuffed animal, or your favorite human go for it.

4. Take a nap

5. Listen to music

You never know- it could turn into your own personal dance party (see number 15).

6. Read a book

7. Take a walk

8. Do a mini workout

Run like your life depended on it

9. Doodle/Color something

Maybe not this wild, but be creative!

10. Try a face mask

11. Meditate

*me trying to meditate*

12. Journal

Write a list of things you're grateful for, write a list of goals, write a bucket list, write your feelings. Just grab a pen and let the ink flow.

13. Paint your nails

14. Grab a snack

Grab some water, a snack, or indulging in some ice cream would help improve any mood.

15. Have a dance party

Sometimes you just gotta dance it out.