7 Mistakes Students Should NOT Make When Registering For Their College Classes

7 Mistakes Students Should NOT Make When Registering For Their College Classes

Follow these tips and tricks if you want to get the classes you need.


Every semester, it's the same routine over and over. Registration opens, you scramble to get the classes, registration closes. You wait a couple of months, registration opens again, you scramble to switch classes and pick up others. Add/Drop week comes along, you realize you want to change or you realize you won't survive the class you're in, so you scramble again.

There are certain mistakes that can be easily avoided when attempting to add certain classes for to your schedule. If you want to have a good semester, and much less stressful time when adding classes, do yourself a favor and utilize these tips.

Always check Rate My Professor. 

This can save you a lot of pain, misery, and crying. The reviews left may not always be accurate but they may provide you will a slight impression of what you might be in for. Maybe the professor's only grades are exams. Maybe he requires attendance. Maybe he's sucks. It doesn't hurt to check and read it over.

Post in Facebook Groups for teacher reviews. 

Rate My Professor might not always be accurate and certain teachers aren't on there. However, you can simply ask post about the teachers you're inquiring about and students may comment and give you some insight.

Don't drop a class until you've added the alternate class.

This may be hard to do if you're switching class times or you don't have enough credits left, but if you can, don't drop any classes until you have the other class you want to replace it with on your schedule. You could get screwed over by dropping a class, not being able to get into the other class, and by the time you try to add that first class back, someone could've snatched it up.

If you absolutely need a class, try checking various Facebook groups or emailing the teacher. 

Don't just give up and cry. For FSU, there are several Facebook groups. Post in them to see if anyone is dropping. Worse comes to worst, offer money in exchange for the class!

Don't just the portal check every now and then. 

If you really want or need certain classes, check often. I'm talking check twice a day, every day. You never know when someone might drop a class. Do yourself a favor and put in the effort.

Meet or email your advisors beforehand to get a good idea of what classes you should or can take. 

Your advisor may know which classes will be reserved or which classes might be hard to get into. They can also help with backup options or provide you with a way to get around the caps.

Add backup classes and times to your cart. 

There is always a chance that you won't get the classes you want. Perhaps someone beat you by 10 seconds or the time ends up clashing with your other classes. Make sure you give yourself back up options that are already in your cart. You don't want to have to scramble when registration opens and someone ends up beating you to it.

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