Summer break has finally just begun for a lot of students in college. For some students, this means that it's time to start relaxing or pack their bags for vacation. But for other students, it might mean it's time to start working a job. Jobs during the summer can be different than working during the school year since they often involve more hours which can result in less time for doing fun things. However, if you are working during the summer, there are a few things you should keep in mind for your first day on the job.

1. Don't be late


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For one thing, make sure that you are not late on your first day. If you're late, this will make a bad impression. Make sure that you give yourself five minutes to clock in. Also, if you are required to come in early for training, then make sure that you get to your workplace early enough. Just make sure that you aren't late for your first day so that you don't show your supervisor that you are the type of person who they can't count on to be on time.

2. Dress appropriately

Dress Code

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Whether you're working in a department store, restaurant, or behind a desk, make sure that you are following the dress code. Plus, it sets a good first impression to your boss or supervisor.

3. Make sure you don't work too many hours


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If you are setting up your work schedule during the summer on the first day, make sure that you aren't overbooking yourself. Having a summer job can be hard since you will often want to relax or enjoy the summer rather than working. However, one way to solve this is designated time for yourself to relax or engage in summer activities. So make sure that you aren't overworking yourself during the summer.

4. Make a good first impression



On the first day of a summer job, you'll want to make a good first impression on your supervisor and coworkers. You will definitely want to show others that you were a good choice for the job. Making a good first impression also sets you up for success later on with the job.

5. Show enthusiasm


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Try to show enthusiasm during your first day of your summer job! Even if you wish that you could be relaxing during the summer, you need to still show enthusiasm. You will want to show your supervisor that they made the right decision in hiring you.

6. Pay close attention to instructions and training

Cafe Worker

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This especially goes if you are working as a waiter. If your first day will include a day of job training, make sure that you are listening carefully to any advice or instruction that you are given. Also, be willing to ask any questions while you are being trained. You definitely want to make a good first impression and show that you are capable of following instructions.

7. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help



If you find yourself struggling, try asking your coworkers any questions or help. If they're the ones watching you on your first day, they will be willing to answer any questions or offer help. But make sure that you ask them when they're not too busy.

8. Try not to get too overwhelmed

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Lastly, one of the most important things to keep in mind when working a summer job is to not let yourself become too overwhelmed by everything. It's very easy to become overwhelmed on your first day of any job. However, remember that everyone gets overwhelmed on their first day regardless of any job. In fact, when I first worked at the advising center on my campus, I was extremely overwhelmed the first day with taking in all of the information I needed to know for answering phone calls. But trust me, by the end of the second or third week, you will become used to working.

So if you find yourself getting ready to work a job over the summer, follow these tips so that you're ready for your first day. Working a summer job is just like working any job. It requires a lot of work and commitment. However, being able to have extra money to spend over the summer definitely makes it worth it.