Fitness is something that people take forever to work on and improve on. There are many different forms of fitness from going to the gym to sports and running, to dance and Zumba. Whether you're just getting into fitness, or have been into it forever, these tips will help make sure every work-out is effective.

1. Make a Workout Playlist 

Create a playlist on Spotify or apple music to get you motivated and pumped for a great workout! There are also many playlists already made if you don't want to make your own.

2. Ask a Friend to Join You

Having a workout buddy/friend is always nice to keep you motivated and grounded. If you don't know anyone that wants to work out, make a new friend - it's a great bonding experience! Plus you could use each other for tips and advice.

3. Set your Phone to Airplane Mode

Turn your phone OFF on airplane mode. Be focused on what you're doing and don't be distracted by your phone.

4. Have a Plan Ready

Know what you're going to do once you get to the gym so you're not wasting time. A plan is always great to have so you know what you're doing and how much time you're going to spend!

5. Stretch Stretch Stretch

ALWAYS stretch first! You don't want to injure your muscles or feel sore in a bad way the next day.

6. Keep Track of Your Workout

There are many apps available to track/keep progress of your workout. This way you can also see how you're improving over time!

These are just some general tips and honestly, you can't go wrong with working out. But keep these tips in mind to have an effective and fun workout so you feel good about yourself! Enjoy!