Meeting new people and going on dates is not an easy task. Signing up for Tinder to put yourself out there seems fairly easy though, but finding a match? Now that's where it starts to get difficult. There is a myriad of reasons why someone may decide to swipe left instead of right. So guys, if you want to maximize your chances of matching with the girl of your dreams don't do these following things.

1.       No Bio? No Match.

Women should not have to ask themselves this question when looking at your profile.

Unless your pictures perfectly convey everything about you (which they won't), a bio is a great way to let women know what makes you so great. So don't skip this!

1.       A one-word bio? More like bye bye boyo!

The only way to respond to that one word bio.

Once again bios are a great way to learn about one another, so simply putting "hi" or "University of _____ sport" doesn't count as creative. Sorry guys, use those fingers and type something!

First Picture is a Shirtless One

Seeing the third shirtless profile picture in a row got me like.

We get it you work out, but your abs really shouldn't be the first thing a woman sees on your profile. You just blend in with half of the guys on Tinder. Stand out with something unique like the last time you traveled or did something exciting!

Pictures That Have Other Women Clearly Cropped Out

You're trying to get a date, not the other woman, so leave her out of the picture.

You have dozens of pictures of yourself, so please go through the effort to find one without an ex in it. It just makes you lazy otherwise.

You Are Not A Car

Leave that car behind and focus on you!

I can assure you unless you drive a Lamborghini, most women don't care what kind of car you drive. Please leave out the car pictures, and for the love of god don't make it your profile picture!

Go Easy on the Animal Pictures

Unless you look like this every picture should not be of a dog.

Yes, your dog/cat is adorable, but I'm not looking to date them. One or two pictures with your furry best friend are more than enough to get the point across.

There's a Baby in the Picture, but Why?

My face when I see the baby and not knowing who's it is

Not every woman is looking to become a stepmom, so when guys have profile pics of them with babies, red flags start going up immediately. Unless you explain that it is or isn't yours in your bio, most women are going to assume it's yours and swipe left.

Boomerangs Don't Load, So Don't Use Them

I'm not waiting for your gif to load.

If a girl is twenty minutes into swiping through Tinder, she isn't going to wait around for your boomerang to load on the crappy university Wi-Fi. Make sure your first picture is exactly that, a picture.

Your Listed Age Isn't Your Real Age

This is really the most annoying one of them all.

If you're 18 and not 21, put your real age! Tinder has the age filter for a reason. There's nothing worse than finding a good match, but they turn out to be either way too young for you or way too old. Seriously guys, just be honest.

Group Pictures are Good in Moderation

How am I supposed to know which one is you?

Fellas, do not make every single photo on your tinder a group picture. It's way too hard to guess which one of you in which. If a woman has to use deductive reasoning to figure out which one is you, something is wrong.

Snapchat Filters Should Stay on Snapchat

Swiping left.

I get it, those fake sunglasses make you look like a badass, but on every single picture? Show me what your face looks like without any crazy filters. Trust me you probably look better without them.

Every Picture Looks the Same

I shouldn't feel like I'm in the movie.

Yes, everyone has an angle they look good in, but change it up at least a little. Six mirror bathroom selfies back to back are kind of dull…

Your Listed Job is "Sales Associate at Dunder Mifflin"

See, even Stanley gets it.

We get it you like The Office. You think it's clever to put this as your job, but it's not clever. It's done constantly. Try something else like a skydiving instructor?

Flipping the Bird in Your Profile

Not the first thing anyone wants to see.

Your first impression shouldn't be anything negative. The first thing a woman sees shouldn't be you telling her to f*** off. Try literally anything else.

Let Your Elders Rest in Peace

If only this was what really happens...

You love your grandma. You Know that, I know that. So please don't post pictures of the two of you on her deathbed. It's morbid and depresses people. No really, this has happened before.