I know we have all came across those one...or two bios that yell “I don't want to get together and make-out! Stay away horny feens!"

Sadly, that's exactly what the rest of us are looking for.

In the age of computers and smart phones, how is that these people expect us to find people who we have things in common with through casual conversations in person?!? Especially when everyone is always looking at their phones anyways!

Tinder can be whatever you want it to be.

But what do we have Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest for? I mean, Facebook is obviously censored for what we WANT our family to see, leaving every other platform for the wilder side of things, including our friends! With that being said, why take another platform and dedicate it to selfies and best friend anniversaries? It's evident that's that many people would rather keep their relationships as far from likes and comments as possible.

So where does one have room to really be intimate?

I would expect many people to claim that Tumblr is a space for the wilder side of life and intimacy, and I would not disagree with them! The only thing that Tumblr doesn't allow us to do is swipe left when one of your followers just isn't up to par with our standards. Plus, we all know there is nothing better than that feeling you have you come across the right person, and have one super like ready to show them just how thirsty you are are!

All in all, can we all agree that Tinder should AGAIN be dedicated to hot make out sessions and late night hook-ups?

Those of you who wish to have nothing to do with the large majority of us can stick around, but don't make us feel like Tinder “isn't they place for this." For those of you questioning why married couples are on Tinder, they too are just looking for a chance to reclaim the fun of life's of life while spicing things up a bit!

“Never yuck anyone's yum," as they say!

And always be open-minded to the experiences of others! It is a lot easier to create your desired experience on other platforms, but remember that Tinder is limited to age and how close someone is to you. Many of us know what it's like to swipe left until there's no one left to swipe!