Now that I'm in college, I can't help but think about all the times that the '90s sitcom "Friends" summed up basically every thought that had been running through my head. For those unfortunate people who have yet to watch "Friends" (which is now on Netflix and on TBS and Nick At Nite every day), you should know that is about a group of six individuals living in New York City trying to figure out how life works after college. Although we're stilling getting there, their struggles are all too real for the everyday college student.

1. Going to your first frat party.

2. Your roommate takes your food.

Especially when you were really looking forward to those leftovers.

3. Your the roommate who took the food.

What's mine is yours?

4. Walking in on your friends.

5. Someone talks on the second floor of the library.

6. Seeing your grades at the end of the semester.

7. The walk of shame stories you hear.

Sometimes, no excuse can justify it.

8. You hear the word, "free."

Free shirts? Free food? Free paper? Who cares! Always go.

9. You look over the paper you just handed in after an all-nighter.

10. Showing freshman 15 who's boss.

11. The dining hall just isn't happening.

And they deliver right to the door.

12. Rereading texts after a night out.

13. You try to make new friends.

14. You get the package notification email.

Nothing is like getting a package, especially one containing food!

15. Your professor cancels class.

16. One of your friends is leaving for the weekend.

It may be for only a few days, but even that's too many.

17. Rolling up to class on your new bike.

18. Justifying why you're watching Netflix all afternoon.

Because getting up and going to one class is extremely tiring.

19. Raining on a night out? That's not going to stop us.

20. You try not to be late to class.

At this point, people might as well stop walking all together.

21. Getting ready to go out with your squad.

22. The struggle for money becomes too real.

23. You try to do laundry for the first time.

The worst is when you put the red sock in with your white load. Goodbye white, hello pink.

24. Those guys who try and rock the facial hair to look "cool."

25. Making Friends who will be by your side forever.