The College Experience, as Told by 'Friends'

From living with someone who probably isn't related to you, to navigating the everyday tasks of adulthood for the first time, college is an experience like no other. There are some things that college students know to be undeniably true, and the cast of 'Friends' seems to have a pretty good handle on what it's like to live in the college world.

1. Mondays and Tuesdays when your professors remind you of all the work that's due to them by the end of the week

Could you try and ruin my life just a little more than you already are? Thanks.

2. Coffee first, social interaction second

I'll talk to you after the caffeine kicks in, no sooner.

3. Mentally and physically preparing yourself for the early-morning walk across campus to your first class

Walking to class in below-freezing temperatures should definitely be illegal.

4. Realizing you're not as independent (or financially stable) as you thought you would be at this point in your life

Consider this a formal apology, Mom and Dad.

5. Being unnaturally close to your roommate

We're basically a married couple. It's working out quite well.

6. When the dining hall has good food for once and you don’t know when (or if) it’ll ever return

Eat now, feel guilty about it later.

7. Begrudgingly studying for a class or professor you hate

I'm only doing this because I need a degree, not because I like you.

8. The [at least] weekly existential rant that goes something like this...

There has to be a faster way to fame and fortune than this, right?!

9. Any time someone asks how college is going

There's no way I can begin to answer that. Try again later.

10. Inviting some friends over after a long, hard day of adulting

"Come over so we can watch TV in our pajamas and fuzzy socks while eating Fruit Roll-Ups. Please."

11. The sense of accomplishment you feel when you've lived to see the weekend once more

Oh, sleep. I've missed you.

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