75% Of My Wardrobe Is From Thrifting Because It Is So Much Better Than Regular Retail

75% Of My Wardrobe Is From Thrifting Because It Is So Much Better Than Regular Retail

Skeptical about thrift shopping? Or is "markdown" your middle name? Here's how I get the most out of my thrift shopping ventures!

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My mother is an avid consignment shopper. She is constantly in local shops, trading, buying, and selling articles of clothing and accessories. Once I became old enough to create and shop for my own wardrobe, I completely understood her obsession. The differences between consignment stores and thrift stores are small but notable. Consignment stores focus on the trade/ exchange aspect in their shops. On the contrary, thrift stores usually consist of used clothing that the original owners won't get credit for.

I remember feeling confused when I first witnessed the exchange of clothing for cash/ credit. Shortly after the staff member sorted through my mom's pile, she explained that the selected pieces valued at about fifty dollars cash or sixty-five dollars in store credit. I was intrigued by this simple trade. I then remember imagining my closet, thinking of all the pieces that had been collecting dust for months. I was antsy to see how much money I could make if I decided to sell my practically extinct neon green UGG boots, or my awfully outdated True Religion Jeans.

Besides receiving cash or credit, I was most looking forward to using my earnings on the unique selections that local sellers have turned in. Most of the stores are separated into sections. For example, basic tops, designer tops, shorts, dresses, etc. Did I mention that it's all drastically marked down in price? It is also extraordinarily rare to find a repeat of an item. This is arguably my favorite part of the overall thrifting experience. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy my solo trips to the mall, but I could do without the overproduced pieces and high prices. At consignment shops, clothing racks are packed tight with your most beloved brands, and then some. I discovered some of my favorite labels while thrift shopping and establishing my style. Resale shops are also an ideal atmosphere for shopping with friends, as there are items to satisfy everyone's individual tastes and budgets.

Love to shop online? Say no more! As we further advance into an age of smartphones and apps, we are now able to shop for used clothing at cheap prices online and in applications. Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and of course eBay are just a few examples of the many platforms that lovers of consignment use to shop and sell. All the perks of shopping for thrifted clothing along with the convenience of purchasing through a phone or computer. Shoppers can also be specific in their searches, unveiling their dream pieces at dream prices.

About 75% of my wardrobe is now made up of consigned or thrifted clothing. My favorite resale stores live in Los Angeles, but there are quite a few places in my hometown that contain exemplary finds as well. Most thrift stores and consignment shops will only accept goods if they are in tip-top condition. So look out for those precious pieces that still contain original tags, yes they do exist and at a much lower price, too. If you're a newbie the thrift shopping scene, do not fear! Google some nearby shops and read through their reviews. You'll be able to find stores that offer high-end options, as well as simple hand me downs. Regardless of what you plan on purchasing, expect the unexpected! I can always count on going home with a uniquely diverse haul.

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