50 Thoughts I Have During Just One Shift Working The Deli Counter
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50 Thoughts I Have During Just One Shift Working The Deli Counter

Long days means time to think.

50 Thoughts I Have During Just One Shift Working The Deli Counter

I'm sure we all think about miscellaneous things while we're at work. For some context, I work in the deli department of a grocery store, so most of these will be relating to that.

These are most of my thoughts while I work the morning fry cook shift.

Would they get mad if I called out?

Whatever, I'll just go in.

I'd rather be anywhere but here.

I need to remember to request that time off before I leave.

I really need a new apron.

My current one has a big hole in the main pocket.

Ugh I don't want to be here.

I hate waking up early, but I feel more productive working the morning shift.

Did I wash my hands before helping this person?.

Oops almost forgot a hair net.

I am so tired.

Don't whistle at me, I'm not a bird.

I can't cook all the food and help people.

Please just wait your turn.

I think I'll go on a break soon.

Oh, 'so-and-so' already went? I'll just wait.

Missed my break again.

I guess it's lunch time. 

Someone else went to lunch, I'll just wait.

The manager is telling me to go, I better hurry and take my lunch.

But first I have to do these few things.

Finally I can sit down.

That went by quick.

And time to re-cook everything.

Sorry sir, we're all out of ranch. We've been out for about a week.

No, we do not carry BBQ sauce.

My feet really hurt.

I need to get new shoes.

I wonder what my friends are doing.

I'll text them and see.

I have so much homework to do tonight.

Maybe I should take a nap first.

No, I'd probably wake up at midnight.

Another 2 hours left.

Time is going by quickly today.

I wonder how much time has gone by since I last checked the time?.

Only 5 minutes...cool.

Time is not going as fast as I thought.

At least I still have most of my day left.

I wonder what I should make for dinner?

Oh right, I only have ramen.

I think there's still leftover pizza. I'll have that.

So close to leaving.

Better refill a few things before I go.

Or I guess I'll just help customers instead.

Whatever, I'm almost out of here.

Ah yes, freedom.

But wait, the night cook isn't here yet.

Guess I'll wait for them.

There they are, only 15 minutes late today.

Finally I can clock off.

I kept most of these pertaining to what's going on at work. Also, I tried to keep it about reoccurring thoughts I have, rather than weird stuff I think of on the spot.

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