15 Thoughts You Have While Working Out

Getting the motivation and energy to go to the gym is only half the battle. Once you're there, it requires a lot more work than you'd expect. Especially when your brain will be doing workouts of its own with all of the thoughts that race through your head. Here are 10 thoughts we all have while working out at the gym.

1. Do I have to go? Maybe I'll just go back home.

2. At least my outfit looks cute.

3. I hope I don't fall off the treadmill.

4. It's only been five minutes and I'm already out of breath. How is everyone around me running for so long without stopping?

5. Am I doing this right?

6. Oh this song is fire! I think I can crank up speed to this one! *Starts fist bumping* Whoops I hope no one saw that I almost just fell.

7. I'm so hungry. What should I eat after this?

8. I feel like I'm dying. Why did I do this to myself?

9. Do I have abs yet?

10. Why does that girl have perfect make up on right now? She's in such good shape too how do I look like that?

11. I want to use that machine but I don't know how. I'll wait until someone else uses it so I can watch and learn.

12. I hope no one judges me for using 5 pound weights.

13. How long do I have to stay here for? I keep pacing the gym because I don't know what else to do with myself.

14. I'm so in shape from that workout today, I wonder how much weight I lost.

15. I never want to go to the gym again.

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