I painted the Rock for my first time this past weekend, and it was definitely quite the experience. From a turf war Friday (we lost) to four hours of sleep Saturday, the night was an adventure that I won't soon forget. But hey, our design looked great. Too bad it was painted over 24 hours later...

24 hours isn't too bad

Do I have to reserve the Rock...?

Ugh, I kind of forgot that it gets dark by the Rock...

Are there seriously no plugs out here?

Yeah so I'm essentially freezing


Oh look, a cop! We're aloud to be painting this, right...?

Wait, where do I get paint? It's provided for me, right?

Why is paint SO EXPENSIVE??

Painting the rock will be interesting, considering my complete lack of artistic talent.

Unsurprisingly, sleeping in a tent on a ground made of sharp gravel is not comfortable.

Also this tent is COVERED in paint.

Also, how do I paint?

What design do I want to paint....?

Dear lord, that took so much time. If somebody paints over it tomorrow I might cry.

In other news, did you know you can watch a live feed of the Rock?