“Someday soon the Cubs will win the World Series” as told by the wise Harry Caray. And that someday has finally come for the Chicago Cubs. That someday only took 108 years to accomplish. Hundreds of baseball players have played since then reaching for that someday. Generations of Cubs fans have cheered every step of the way. Some lived for someday and some had to leave before someday. But the loyalty, hard work, and hope made someday a reality on November 2nd, 2016. The 2016 Chicago Cubs took the team where many have only wished to get to: becoming World Series Champions.

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108 is the number that was heard on repeat when talking about the Cubs. For 108 years fans cheered, bleed Cubbie blue, and believed that one day with enough hope and magic their beloved team could make it all the way. The world watched as year after year the Cubs lost. The term used mostly was that they sucked. Another number that connects to the Cubs is 71. It WAS 71 years since the Cubs even made it to the World Series in 1945. It started with a curse that overtook the franchise. The famous “Goat Curse” that was supposedly put on the Cubs after a guy and his goat was kicked out of Wrigley Field when the Cubs were last in the World Series in 1945.

The year fans should connect the Cubs with is 2011. The year Epstein became the club president and came up with a 5 year plan to lead to World Series Champions. He used his magical powers and baseball genius brain and collected little pieces to the puzzle to lead to victory. By bringing in Joe Maddon and baseball veterans like David Ross, Jon Lester, and the closer, Aroldis Chapman. By tying together new young talent such as Baez or Bryant with the weathered veterans like Zobrist or Heyward. To create incredible defense, dynamite offense, and an unreal bullpen.

It led to the new number, 0. The new year we know 2016. The regular season that gave die hard fans hope and light after a long time coming. Including a no hitter from Jake Arrieta and a home run from Wilson Contreras first time up to bat. Including Rizzo making amazing catches at 1st base as he dives into the crowd and uses the wall as a balance beam. And having the pitcher with the lowest ERA in MLB, Kyle Hendricks.

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We, the fans, were there every step of the way. We watched in amazement watching Javy playing baseball like he was a kid playing in his backyard. We celebrated with Grandpa Rossy at his year long retirement party. We watched Anthony Rizzo express his thousands of emotions each and every game. We watched in awe as Chapman closed games and pitched in the triple digits. We fell in love with a team that made us laugh, cry, and helped feel connected every single game. We vibed off the positive emotions the team and Joe Maddon sparked off because WE DO NOT SUCK.

It all led to November 2nd, 2016, the day the Chicago Cubs became World Series Champions defeating the Cleveland Indians. The night where millions watched the most nerve racking game of history. The game that went to the10th inning and had a rain delay. Where fans around the world felt their nerves take over their body. That feeling of your heart pounding so hard that you think it is going to jump out of your chest. And that moment. THE moment that changed history forever. The world watched as Kris Bryant, with a smile on his face, fielded the ball and threw it to Anthony Rizzo making the last out. Within that moment, the world shook with emotions. Tears streamed down, screaming of happiness jumped out, uncontrollable arms failing occurred. Pure happiness stroke Cubs fans and Chicago fans everywhere. The burden of being the losers and under a “curse” was lifted. You will remember the moment when the Cubs won the World Series, rather you’re a fan or not. The Cubs are alive and the end's not near for them any time soon. Because WE ARE GOOD. Go fly that damn W high and proud.

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