35 Things You Will Only Understand If You Are A Cleveland Sports Fan

Cleveland sports fans are a breed of their own; they speak a different language, one that only a fellow fan would understand. From inside jokes to terminology, here is a list of the top 35 things that are known to all Cleveland sports fans.

1. Unwavering optimism is what defines you.

They don’t call it “BELIEVEland” just because it sounds cool. With the Browns in town, we have nothing but loads of optimism.

2. When someone says "drum" your mind immediately thinks of Indians games.

John Adams has been sitting at the back of the bleachers for every home game since 1973 beating his drum.

3. Any phrase that begins with ‘The’ sends you into a fit of rage.

The curse, the drought, the move, the fumble, the drive... the list goes on.

4. The heartbreak when LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach.

It not only meant broken hearts but burnt jerseys.

5. The pure excitement when LeBron came back four years later.

All was forgiven.

6. You chuckle at the "No Glass Bottles" policy.

Fully being aware of and accepting that we are the reason glass bottles in stadiums nationwide have ceased to exist. You can thank Cleveland fans for plastic bottles at sporting events.

7. You know that a Cleveland Sports Fan can never really truly be disappointed.

In this city, you celebrate ‘average’ and ‘mediocre’ because with some *cough cough* of our sports teams, it’s all we got.

8. It is always assumed the Browns lost their last game.

In Cleveland you don’t say “Hey did the Browns win?” you say, “How bad did the Browns lose this time?”

9. You have learned valuable lessons from being a fan of the underdog teams.

It has taught you that the wait is worth it…even if it takes 52 years.

10. Hating that game 7 has not kind to the Indians.

We are still bitter from 1997 with Jose Mesa’s mess up.

11. You and the city are always on edge when the Browns are up on draft day.

There picks are so bad that a movie was made in hopes that they’d change their ways… it obviously didn’t work out too well.

12. You have a hatred that is in your DNA for Pittsburg.

You were raised to hate the Steelers and Pirates alike.

13. You completely lost it when the Indians made it to the 2016 World Series.

It was about time they went back.

14. You never have a boring season as a Cleveland sports fan.

There are many moments of happiness, sadness and wanting to throw the tv out the window… and that is just during a single game.

15. You get so utterly offended when our city is criticized.

Outsiders better think twice before criticizing our great city when they come here for games because they don’t know the havoc that Cleveland sports fans have caused in the past; it’ll only be more intense now.

16. Art Modell is on your list.

Not only did he move the team, that team then won the super bowl. It should’ve been us.

17. You call it the "Factory of Sadness."

No matter how badly the season ends, you can’t help but love them. Because the regular season wasn’t bad enough, the playoff season was never any better.

18. Bringing a wide array of clothes to sporting events downtown.

You never know when it will spontaneously start snowing or raining in this city.

19. Knowing that when the Cavs play it is a major ordeal.

It requires a day of mental preparation to watch the NBA Champs play. A wide array of game day foods are also required.

20. You scream at the TV every time the Browns play.

You just cannot help but get invested into the game which results in screaming and possibly throwing things. In all honesty, your rants and yelling during their games are better than what their coaching staff is telling them to do.

21. When the Cavs won the NBA Finals to end the drought.

We still can’t get over it.

22. Knowing that Cleveland fans are diehard- literally.

Who could forget that a long-time Browns season ticket holder requested that six of the team’s players be his pallbearers so the team “could let him down one last time” after his death in 2013.

23. The movie "Major League" never gets old.

Even in movies are Cleveland sports teams a mess.

24. You get furious when someone writes off Cleveland Sports.

Don’t even get us started on all the good we have done on and off the field in Cleveland.

25. One of the reasons you love Cleveland is simply because we aren't Detriot.

You don’t visit Detroit, you don’t even talk about Detroit.

26. Hating it when the jokes you made about other teams are now directed at you.

When the Indians blew their 3-1 lead in the 2016 World Series to lose to the Cubs in game 7, all of the world took yet another golden opportunity to make jokes at Cleveland. As usual, so close.

27. LeBron's return gave you so much hope.

And boy did he deliver once he came back to Cleveland.

28. Knowing that being a Browns fan means watching a beautiful disaster occur every season.

No matter how badly their season is, you can't help but love them still.

29. You are the definition of hopeful.

hope is a lifestyle in this city.

30. You leave conversations if someone says they like a rival team.

If the phrase “I’m a fan of...” ends with Golden State Warriors, Pittsburgh Steelers or Detroit Tigers you immediately roll your eyes, stop listening and walk away.

31. You have daydreams about championship parades in downtown.

Before LeBron it was just a dream, now it's a memory.

32. Knowing the Browns will blow it when they get good is inevitable.

Your father, and his fathers before that saw them mess up. So naturally, it’s your turn for suffering.

33. Knowing that day the Cavs won the NBA Championship title in 2016 will forever be a holiday.

The drought being broken is not something we take lightly here.

34. The jokes about the Warriors will never get old.

They blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals, in case you didn't know.

35. Despite everything, you still love your Cleveland teams.

You just can't help it.

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