Things I want to Clear Up
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Things I want to Clear Up

Amid the inauguration, some things need to be cleared up.

Things I want to Clear Up
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I understand that I will probably get some backlash for this, and that's fine. Since Trump became president, there has been so much hate and ugliness that has come with it. I have felt defeated and hopeless this past week, but I sucked it up and joined in on the resistance. I will stand with the people who need help, and I will resist Trump's hate. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but here's some things I want to clear up in the past week.

1. The Women's March was not about Trump.

The march was not a protest against Trump. It was an empowering march to show that women will not stand for the sexist man that was elected, and that we will continue to fight for equality.

2. Muslims do not equal ISIS.

Banning all Muslims are just separating families, leaving children behind, and causing worse relationships with other countries. The most frustrating thing - there have been no fatal terror attacks in the U.S. by immigrants from the 7 banned Muslim countries. Don't believe me? Here you go:

3. If you're a white, able-bodied man, do not talk to me about gender equality.

I've had a few arguments with men this week about gender inequality. I know there are women who don't feel like they aren't equal, but there's plenty of us that do. The biggest argument was that women do not make the same as men, even for the same job. But once agin, if you don't believe me:

4. I do not think protesting is stupid/pointless/etc.

I've heard so many people this past week say things like: "It's pointless" and "You aren't make a difference." Maybe you don't think so, but Trump has flat out said that the protests are making him "not enjoy his presidency." And as long as it's upsetting him in some way, I will continue to believe in it. Just the other day, he had is executive order of banning Muslims, temporarily stopped because of the protesting. Even though it's only temporary, it's making a difference.

5. We are not protesting because we're "crybabies."

We are protesting Trump and his executive actions he's trying to put in place. He doesn't want a divided country, but he's making it more divided than ever. Yes, we are upset and angry, we have been since the moment he announced his campaign, and we are going to let it be known.

6. No LGTBQ person is trying to "make you gay" or "trying to have sex with you."

I have friends that are in the LGTBQ community, and do not flatter yourself, they are not trying to get with you. You cannot change them, just like they cannot change you. They are in no way harming you by loving one another.

7. If you're a man, do not tell me what I can/cannot do with MY body.

The gag order is bullshit. Taxpayers and the government are not paying for abortions. Once again:

8. Do not call yourself a Christian. if you agree with Trump's immigration ban.

The Pope, I repeat, the POPE said it himself: "You cannot reject refugees and call yourself a Christian." He mentions that you would be a hypocrite to do so:

9. Mental illness is not something to joke about.

This is not related to the current news, but I've seen jokes being made about mental illness, and I got so angry. Mental illness is real and it's not a joke, not matter how "cruel" your sense of humor is.

10. Feminists do not hate men.

I am a proud af feminist. If you are a woman, and don't identify as a woman, that's OK. The whole idea of feminism is to support and empower each other. We do not hate men. We do not think we're better than men, we want equality for all.

So basically this week was just a rant for me. I've felt so many emotions and I'm sure I will feel this way for the next 4 years. I've felt defeated the second Trump took his oath. I've felt proud and empowered to see the women marching. Finally, I have felt angry that we still live in a discriminatory world and that I still need to clear up these points.

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