10 Things That Give You Relief After A Stressful Day

10 Things That Give You Relief After A Stressful Day

Some days are just literal hell but somethings make those days a little more bearable.


Some days suck but these 10 things make the suck a little less. The also make hell a little more bearable.

1. Essential Oils

These things have in a short amount of time become my saving grace. They have literally cured anything I've used them for and stress is one of those many things. From the stress away oil being rolled on you to it being diffused with lavender makes these the number one thing to make sucky days less sucky.

2. Hot Tea

Hot tea soothes me and makes me just feel warm and cozy inside. That feeling is like being wrapped in a hug by your mom when she is not there to do it. It makes you feel safe and like nothing else matters in the world.

3. Coffee

Coffee is just like tea, but sometimes a little better. Coffee and tea are interchangeable and it just depends which one I am really leaning towards that day.

4. Ice Cream

Ice cream even though it is cold makes you feel calm inside. I know when I get stressed I sometimes get a very hot feeling and an angry feeling and ice cream definitely helps soothe that feeling.

5. Wine

Something about wine just makes you feel so calm. I mean it is probably the alcohol content that makes you feel calm, but a nice glass of wine makes me feel sleepy. It honestly gets me ready for bed and clears my mind.

6. Face Masks

Face masks allow you to just lay down close your eyes and have a cooling sensation come over you. If you pair this with wine and the next two things then you are set for a completely stress free zone.

7. Hot Baths

A hot bath soothes your muscles and bones and make whatever aching you have go away. Even though we may not feel the aching it is there. Also if you pair the bath with a bath bomb it just makes it that much more satisfying. Run a hot bath, add wine, face masks, and the next thing all your worries will disappear.

8. Candles

Whether you light 1 or 99 they make any worry disappear. The way the flame moves or the smell that comes forth makes everything in the world okay again.

9. A Good Book

Books make your brain go to a place that is all your own. A book opens up a whole new world and makes this world disappear for a few pages or a few chapters.

10. Freshly Made Bed

As soon as the bath is done, face mask is off, and wine is finished it's time for bed. With the candles still lit it makes you feel just content. Then you see the freshly bed made and that gives you some kind of satisfaction that you've accomplished something for the day. Also the satisfying feeling of pulling those covers back and getting in just makes the end of the day perfect.

All ten of these things are just perfect. The make you forget about whatever was stressing you out. Now you can use all ten in one day, just one if one is your favorite, or a mixture of a few. I personally sometimes do all ten so find your fancy and what works for you and relax away.

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I'm A Woman And You Can't Convince Me Breastfeeding In Public Is OK In 2019

Sorry, not sorry.


Lately, I have seen so many people going off on social media about how people shouldn't be upset with mothers breastfeeding in public. You know what? I disagree.

There's a huge difference between being modest while breastfeeding and just being straight up careless, trashy and disrespectful to those around you. Why don't you try popping out a boob without a baby attached to it and see how long it takes for you to get arrested for public indecency? Strange how that works, right?

So many people talking about it bring up the point of how we shouldn't "sexualize" breastfeeding and seeing a woman's breasts while doing so. Actually, all of these people are missing the point. It's not sexual, it's just purely immodest and disrespectful.

If you see a girl in a shirt cut too low, you call her a slut. If you see a celebrity post a nude photo, you call them immodest and a terrible role model. What makes you think that pulling out a breast in the middle of public is different, regardless of what you're doing with it?

If I'm eating in a restaurant, I would be disgusted if the person at the table next to me had their bare feet out while they were eating. It's just not appropriate. Neither is pulling out your breast for the entire general public to see.

Nobody asked you to put a blanket over your kid's head to feed them. Nobody asked you to go feed them in a dirty bathroom. But you don't need to basically be topless to feed your kid. Growing up, I watched my mom feed my younger siblings in public. She never shied away from it, but the way she did it was always tasteful and never drew attention. She would cover herself up while doing it. She would make sure that nothing inappropriate could be seen. She was lowkey about it.

Mindblowing, right? Wait, you can actually breastfeed in public and not have to show everyone what you're doing? What a revolutionary idea!

There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby. It's something you need to do, it's a part of life. But there is definitely something wrong with thinking it's fine to expose yourself to the entire world while doing it. Nobody wants to see it. Nobody cares if you're feeding your kid. Nobody cares if you're trying to make some sort of weird "feminist" statement by showing them your boobs.

Cover up. Be modest. Be mindful. Be respectful. Don't want to see my boobs? Good, I don't want to see yours either. Hard to believe, I know.

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Don't Waste Your Life Waiting For Love

Love comes at different times for different people.


I believe that I am a little slow with advancements, especially when it comes to socializing with technology. Yeah, sure, we all enjoy our share of dopamine boosts every time Instagram beeps. God knows how many stories are spun in the inboxes of apps and most of them suffer a slow death therein. That vivid and vibrant page of yours could be the highlight of your story(life) but is not all of you.

Those tiny little hearts can make up for a good profile or a bad mood but they definitely do not mean validation for your choices or actions. Why do we need to celebrate a feeling in a certain way? Why is there pressure to be happy; or at least to appear happy?

Why are there only those defining factors that decide if we are happy? Some find love sooner some later in their life and some don't; doesn't mean their life is empty. It is all about choices and timing and more importantly again CHOICES.

Not everyone is a charmer and love arrives differently for everyone. Some even miss to see it for the first few times. Sometimes it stays around, sometimes it leaves. But what I believe is that rather than waiting up for love to show up, go ahead and live what life is offering you, and when it has to, love will come by.

When love arrives assets.rbl.ms

Also, I imagine it in a certain way, about which I wrote a poem;

And when you walk back home,
Recalling the good times,
The smile that draws on your face
That is where I want to be.
And after you're done with the sham
Raising a toast to the brightest fallacies
In your darkest truths that you shed as tears
That is where I want to be.
And as you turn the pages of life
Stopping to smell the sweet times,
Like tucked rose petals between books
That is where I want to be.

So the plan is to not wait up and go along while we spend a few more Valentine's Days celebrating life. I hope you too have your own love before you have the one who loves you.

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