9 Things I've Learned About My Boyfriend While Quarantined With Him
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9 Things I've Learned About My Boyfriend While Quarantined With Him

You don't really get to know your SO until you're quarantined with them.

9 Things I've Learned About My Boyfriend While Quarantined With Him

I've been in quarantine with my long-distance boyfriend for almost a month. What started out as my last spring break trip to visit him in Texas became a month-long quarantine. I have to admit, aside from not being able to go out and get a drink or have a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, it's been a pretty good quarantine.

We've spent every day together, hanging out and sometimes I step on his toes, but we made the best of our inability to leave the house. I've learned a few new things about my boyfriend in the process, things I'd never noticed before since we'd never been able to spend so much time together. Here are nine things I've learned:

He does not sleep in, even on his days off from work.

"I get up every day at 6 a.m. I can't just lie in bed all day."

He can eat Chick-fil-A and Whataburger almost every day.

"You want Chick-fil-A?" he'll ask, after the third time of eating chicken sandwiches in a week.

He never gets bored of playing his Xbox.

"I'm done playing Call of Duty for now. I'm gonna switch to a game I've beaten multiple times already and play it again."

He uses two towels when he showers.

"One for my upper body and one for my lower body." (Apparently this is a joke, but I don't believe him.)

Intermittent fasting is his worst enemy.

"I only eat between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m." *initiating hangry-sequence*

He misses being able to go to the gym... a lot.

"I miss making the gains!" *proceeds to order sand bags to work out with.*

He hates mowing the lawn, more than anything in the world.

"I hate cutting the grass. It's the worst thing in the world. I hate it more than anything."

He wears a hat all the time, even when he gets out of the shower.

"My hair is crazy, babe. I have to wear a hat to keep it under control."

He started keeping extra napkins in his glove compartment, just for me.

"You always complain I don't have napkins. Well, not anymore!" *Opens glove compartment to reveal three napkins*

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