This summer was *hopefully* my last summer working in the food industry.

Upon the completion of my bachelor's degree this year, this summer was a time to buckle down and make extra money where I could. With this in mind, my sister offered me a job working one night a week at Dairy Queen. While I was initially hesitant about entering back into the fast food industry, I figured the money and the free ice cream made it well worth it. (And I'm not ashamed to say that it kind of was).

But after the first couple weeks, reality hit. I was back in the fast food game; servicing an entirely different kind of clientele than I had been used to. And with that realization came a slew of "retail woes" that people often read about on Reddit. I was a part of the game again.

So with this summer's experiences comes a list of things a Dairy Queen worker might like you to know upon your visits throughout the year (Disclaimer: please bear in mind that these are light-hearted observations/noted trends and in no way a statement of how I feel about people individually. You're all wonderful):

1. Please don't just say, "I want a Blizzard."

There are NUMEROUS types of blizzards. That's just like saying, "I'll have a pop" when going to a restaurant. And there always seems to be a general confusion when asked, 'which kind?' or 'what size?' Know what you want BEFORE you start ordering, PLEASE. It makes for an extra happy employee.

2. No, we do not serve burgers/French fries/other restaurant based food here

What you see on the menu, is what you get. There are no hidden items. There is nothing we're not telling you. It's there. On the menu. Please read it.

3. Please do not order a medium sundae and ask for it in a large cup

I see you. I know your games and I'm not buyin it. Training requires us to know the proper weights for all of the ice cream sizes. I will not hesitate to pull out the scale and make sure you get a medium sundae, here.

4. Yes, we flipped your Blizzard.

While you were fumbling around in your wallet, we did in fact flip your blizzard. No we will not do it again. We're in the middle of a rush. So we're not going to be circus monkeys in the meantime. (Unless you want to tip us, then I'm down for whatever)

5. "I'll have an M&M mcflurry, please"

Come on now.

6. Please do not tell us how to make your ice cream

There is a way. And I assure you, it is much better than your way.

7. Stop ordering Peanut Butter Sundaes with pineapple.

That's gross, man. I mean, do what you want but they look nasty as all heck.

8. ALL Blizzards are made with Vanilla ice cream

You don't need to clarify, because it's already done that way. If the ice cream seems chocolate-y at all, it's because there was some sort of chocolate product added to the blizzard. If you want just ice cream and candy pieces, order it without chocolate sauce/hot fudge/coco fudge.

9. What's with the Banana Splits in a paper cup?

Honestly. Genuinely curious here. What's the appeal?

10. We're genuinely sorry about the Snickers Blizzards

I wish Dairy Queen had them this summer too. I would've eaten my entire weight in the snickers pieces alone. It's fine.