The problems you might be facing as a thick woman during the heat of summer.

1. Trying to find a swimsuit that covers everything

Almost unheard of.


Sweating 10x more than everyone else, always looking like you just got done running 2 miles.

3. One word. Shorts.

Shorts are not your friend. Welcome to chaffing.

4. Chaffing.

Walking around like a penguin because your thighs are absolutely RAW.

5. Whenever someone suggests going to a waterpark

Wedgies and risk of my breasts being exposed, no thank you.

6. Judgy eyes at the pool

Feeling eyes on you as you take off your cover up. And not caring.

7. Wearing sports bras, or any bra in general

It doesn't help that your boob sweat has now added five pounds to your chest.

8. Remembering you wouldn't trade it for anything

Embracing your body and accepting all the bonfire food coming your way