The last psychology unit I had due was one on therapy. In the unit, it talked about different types of therapies and what they're used for. A section of the unit also talked about the stigmas and stereotypes around therapy.

A lot of people see going to therapy as something only for the "crazy" or the "weak." I believe that everyone can benefit from going to therapy and it is seen as a sign of strength.

Being strong means realizing that something is wrong and having the strength to reach out to someone for help. It's being humble enough to ask for help and accepts it. The media definitely doesn't help this misconception.

Far too many times I've been watching a show or movie and have heard an authoritarian figure say things like "oh, they need therapy," or parents threatening to send their children to therapy like it's some scary monstrous thing.

We need to teach the generations below us that therapy should be celebrated and isn't just something for murderers and people with severe mental disorders.

Funny enough, most people who seek out therapy aren't even people with mental disorders. Therapy is a lot of times used for financial issues, relationship stress, the birth of a child, or a parent's death. Therapy is a safe haven for many people.

Therapy is going to a safe place and being able to talk about whatever you want. The second you walk into a therapy office everything is confidential, open, and honest.

Therapy isn't leather couches and "well, how does this make you feel?" Therapy is having a conversation who is paid to listen and provide feedback, not diagnose.

Especially in college, I'm constantly stressed and feel like I need someone to just sit and vent to for as long as I need. Someone who I can talk to freely knowing that they won't judge me.

When I first went to therapy it was something that I was embarrassed about and ashamed to admit. I thought it would make people think I was crazy and not able to handle myself. In reality, therapy helped me rid of my depression, tame my anxiety, face my fears, and become the person I want to be.

Therapy is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and it deserves a better name. Instead of saying therapy is for "crazy" people; let's embrace it and all be a little more accepting.