In life there are many types of cliques: the athletes, the bookworms, the geniuses, the loner, and the list could go on infinitely. In each of these cliques, there are different types of people and these are their stories. See if you can find yourself!

1. Positive Polly

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This friend is always doing their best to spread happiness, love, and rainbows. They rarely have a bad thing to say about anyone and when they do, it's probably needed. Their goal in life is to change the world, whether it be by working with people or animals. But, most of all, they are the best person to go to when you need a shoulder to lean on or a bit of advice.

2.The Drama Queen

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They can make an accident, like stubbing their toe, into a production that rivals the content quality of a novella. Not to say that sometimes things don't require tears, they love looking their best and like to tell everyone about the stupid people at their job on social media. No matter the amount of drama they bring into your life you love them because they will and have offered to beat someone up for you if you have been wronged.

3. The Country One

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You never see this person because they wear camouflage so often (sorry, that was a bad pun). They were part of FFA in high school and love their truck. They love country music and every time music is needed they offer and are quickly turned down. Don't worry though, they'll always be there to a shoulder to cry on or if you just need someone to talk to.

4. The Evil Genius

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They always had A's, but they knew not to tell everyone, which is why you're friends. This person scares me. Not because they have a fear-striking outward appearance, but because you know that if they really wanted to they have enough knowledge to, if they really wanted to, make the world implode. They'll probably be the first to come up with an epic revenge plan if needed.

5. Van Gogh

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This is the artist. They could take a pile of garbage and make it into a masterpiece. No matter the medium they always dominate. You wish you could have their artistic ability. Half their clothes have paint on them and when you point it out they'll probably not even know how that got there.

6. Glitz and Glam

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They love everything pink and sparkly. If it glimmers, she wants it. They are the princess and they know it. They still work for what they want. They always have their hair and makeup done to perfection and get countless compliments. Basically, they make you and everyone else look like a shrub...all the time. Their expertise is knowing who did what, when, and where, this makes them the best person to go to to get info.

7. ???

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This person can't have title because they are all over the place. They are very easily distracted and sometimes walk in front of cars. Their life has been saved more than once by a random person because they were simply not paying attention. They dabble in a little bit of everything and can never make up their mind, but they are always the first person to crack a joke or make a fool of themselves to cheer someone up.

8. The Bonus Friend!!

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The random person that you don't know where along the line that they became part of the friend group. They just kind of appeared one day and you didn't even realize that they weren't there, to begin with. But, whatever, the more friends, the merrier!

Did you find all your friends? Did you find yourself? If not, its okay, that just means you are unique. The point here was that even though everyone is different, in a way, we all are the same.