As people, we go through things that will make our minds wander through the seven wonders of life. We encounter countless things to make heavy weights on our minds and make a heavy heart. But when it comes to telling the truth to our feelings, we dare not to fully articulate how we really feel. How can you tell someone the truth of personal feelings, when uncertainties are formed, and then the feeling of being vulnerable? Expressing your feelings is never an easy task, and it'll never get easy, when one person

Countless times, when I've said and done, "If I don't express the way I feel how can it backfire on me at the end?" Foolish thinking that was. When holding back the truth, people still find ways to be upset with you or pressure you to tell them the truth. When expressing your feelings to a person you like, or interested in most times it's hard to explain what's going on in your head and to get it out verbally. That moment of "what if" hits hard, then you pull back the truth, and tell them something jokingly. I have done this countless times, and recently too. You want to open the doors of my mind, reach inside and see my nude thoughts.

If you are human, then anybody should know when it comes to our emotions we may have everything all figured out in our head, but can never articulate them to another person. Feelings they come they grow strong, and when it's time to talk about them, you can't without so much passion, sometimes frustration, emotion. So why tell the truth of my feelings, when I can just hold back, and just scratch the surface. Not saying to decipher them like a codex, or puzzle to be finished. I've been in a position twice now, where I could boldly express the way I feel, but in the end nothing good comes out of it. I explain where I'm coming from and it seem like nothing even matters.

Be very lucky for the few who can express themselves openly, a lot of people say that they can express how they truly feel but that isn't always the case.