The Struggle Of Summer

Going to the beach is the biggest struggle for me. I have two sisters who are both smaller sizes than me and everyone sees the three of us together and I always feel like the odd one out. I have struggled severely with my body image and my confidence. Every one goes through that phase at one point or another but my phase has continued. I hate it whenever my family decides to go to the beach because I know I have to wear something that exposes my stretch marks to the world. I have come to terms with the fact that I have more stretch marks than most people. I have accepted the fact that I am not as thin as my sisters. I am the type of girl who likes to eat, but I always question if it is worth it when I go to the beach. I am continuously working to accept my body stretch mark and all. I know it is not something that will happen in a day but I keep trying and if you are struggling with this you will can get there.

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