The Struggle Of Being Old-Fashioned In Today's Society
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The Struggle Of Being Old-Fashioned In Today's Society

Stuck in the Past or Awkwardly in the Present?

The Struggle Of Being Old-Fashioned In Today's Society

In today's society, we often are so busy living our fast-paced lives, that we forget to sit back and appreciated all that is around us. 2015 brings advances in technology almost everyday with changes in social media, film, music, cars, and much more. However, with such constant advances comes the change in friendships and relationships. With this change comes a separation to what we used to know and love, and sometimes, we can't get past it. If you're old-fasioned like me, then you know what it likes to feel stuck on tradition and not fit in with the culture that is 2015.

1. Hooking-up with someone is completely foreign to you.

I never understood what the point is in hooking up with someone. So you hook-up one night and then what? Hooking up with someone does not change your relationship status. Instead, get to truly know someone before making that sort of move. You will honestly feel much better about yourself while maintaining your self-worth.

2. Put down the video games and go outside.

Whatever happened to going outside and enjoying nature? I can't get over how people would rather lock themselves inside their house on a nice day just to sit in front of a TV screen to play video games. GO OUTSIDE. Play an actual game of soccer, you don't have to play the newest version of FIFA. Go to the beach. Go hiking. Enjoy the fresh air and get some Vitamin D.

3. Getting a job.

Now I don't know about you, but I love having a job. The feeling of working hard for something and achieving it on your own is such a rewarding feeling, especially when you have your own money to spend! Don't rely on your parents to get you everything you want because one day you're going to have to do it on your own, so the sooner you start, the better.

4. Sex doesn't make you cool.

So many things in today's society glorify sex. Whether it's in TV, film, music, or even literature, it's everywhere. Don't feel like you need to have sex in order to feel accepted by a certain crowd, or to feel better about yourself. Give yourself time to be ready before jumping to that step. Remember, sex is an act of passion and should be shared with someone you love and who means the world to you. Don't try to get it over with.

5. Learning how to cook.

Cooking is actually not as hard as you think it is! With a little time and patience, you can learn to make homemade meals, rather than heating up food in the microwave any chance you get. Spend a day cooking with mom or dad, take a cooking class, or watch the Food Network. You will develop a skill that you can use not just now, but to cook for your own family one day! Even if your food doesn't come out great the first time, remember, practice makes perfect!

6. Going to the movies.

I'm someone who absolutely loves going out to the movie theatre. You get your big bucket of popcorn and soda to match, some candy to snack on and kick back, relax, and enjoy the movie on the big screen with your friends and family by your side. Remember, going to the movies is an experience. Don't just sit at home and download movies illegally on your laptop because you want to save some money. Go on Tuesdays, it's $5 (in Connecticut) and I promise you will have a great time.

7. Eating dinner with your family

Being 100% Italian, family means everything to me, so I always make it a priority to sit down every night with my family for dinner. For those of you who live away at school, try your best to eat dinner with your roommates/suite-mates every night. This gathering is a way to bond with the people you love most and spend time together after such a long day. In today's society, so many people eat alone or go days without seeing the people they care about, so try your best to do this.

8. Road trips to nowhere

Ever since I could remember, my family would always go on Sunday drives to literally anywhere because it would always be something new. People today only go to the places that they're used to and never really look beyond what they see. Take my advice and load up your car with your family or friends, some snacks, and the best playlist because even though you don't know where you're going, you'll still find an adventure that was worth while.

9. Writing a letter

When you're away for a long period of time such as on vacation or studying abroad, write a letter or postcard to the people you love and miss most. Anyone can send a text message, but writing a letter is something much more personal, and I promise it will leave a larger impact and showcase how your heart is still with them.

10. Talking on the phone.

To many people, talking on the phone has become obsolete as technology makes further advances with texting on cell phones. Thus, many people have gotten ridden of the landlines in their houses because they can get in contact with whoever they need by either text message or email. However, talking on the phone gives you that vocal interaction you need with someone, that way you know exactly what their emotions are when they're telling you something rather than attempting to decipher their tone through text message.

11. Formally asking someone out.

For some reason, in today's society, people don't like to have labels on their relationships because they want it to be open- open in the sense that they're not tied down to one specific person. But, I personally think that committing yourself to one person really isn't all that hard when you're in love with them because your heart is already committed to them. Don't be scared of this commitment.

12. The reason to dating

Now-a-days people are quick to jump into relationships with people without really getting to know someone. I'm a strong believer in the idea of the person who you end up dating is the person you see potential in as well as should be your best friend. I think people today often abuse the idea of dating by it being a process of how many relationships they can be in before they eventually settled down one day. Instead, take it easy. Save the relationship step for someone special and who deserves your heart.

13. Bringing your girlfriend flowers for no reason at all.

Guys, this one's for you. It may be 2015, but come on, girls still like and want a gentleman. Bring your girlfriend flowers for absolutely no reason at all, just because you love her. It will make her day and seeing her smile should be enough of a reason to do so.

14. Holidays

Recently holidays are becoming more and more commercialized, which is not what it's about. Holidays are about spending time with your family and loved ones, not about the decorations, presents, or shopping. Try starting a new tradition as a family this year to help bring back that aspect during the holiday season.

15. Respect for elders.

I've always been taught to respect my elders and I think that is a lesson that has been lost among the current generations of young adults. People who are older than us have experienced a lot throughout their lifetime, so giving them the respect they deserve should always be on their mind. If you see someone older than you who seems like they're struggling, help them out. Always say hello and don't hesitate to spend some time with them.

16. Make a photo album.

Instead of relying on your iPhone or computer for storing all of your pictures like most people today, get them developed and make a photo album. Don't make the mistake or take the risk of them accidentally getting deleted. By printing your pictures, you can save all of the ones you've taken and organize them in a way where you can look back and remember all the times you've shared and memories you created.

17. Reading a book.

Being an English major, I have always had a passion for reading. But not everyone today is like that, so they take the easy way out and either use SparkNotes, Ebooks, or Cliff Notes. By picking up a physical book and reading it from start to finish, you may discover that you have a passion for reading and you will learn something you never knew before.

18. Always tell your parents you love them.

Throughout our busy schedules, sometimes we often forget to mention to our parents how much we love them and how much we appreciate everything they do for us. Always say "I love you" after a phone call or before they leave the house just to give them that reminder.

19. Meet the parents.

Before taking a girl out on a date, always meet the parents. You want to stay on the parents' good side, especially the father and by doing this, they will see that you not only have respect for their daughter, but for them and their authority as well.

20. Following your heart.

People who are old-fashioned just so happen to be hopeless romantics and strongly believe in having a soulmate. If you're old-fashioned like me, then you believe in following your heart, no matter how far it takes you. I was always taught that if you believe in something, believe in it all the way. In today's society, people are often judged by what others think about them, which strays them off the path of their heart. But don't listen to those people. Do what you believe is right in your heart, and you will always find your way.

Being old-fashioned sometimes feels like I'm not with the times of today's society, but I also believe that I could be ahead of my time for future generations. We need to teach young adults to not take things for granted and to have some patience if things aren't going the way they want or expected them to. With a little hard work, people will notice that there's much more potential than they give themselves credit for. Have respect for others, including yourself. Make memories, enjoy the moment, and always follow your heart.


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