The 15 Roller Coaster Of Emotions You Face During March Madness
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The 15 Roller Coaster Of Emotions You Face During March Madness

May the scores ever be in your favor.

The 15 Roller Coaster Of Emotions You Face During March Madness
New York Daily Times

March Madness— for some it's like Christmas, and for some it could not be a more irrelevant series of events. There are those who can give you teams and stats (I appreciate you), and then there are those who only "watch" for the sake of an extra excuse to hit up the local bar.

For the month of March, 68 teams are carefully selected from Division I basketball teams to compete in one of the most exhilarating three-week tournaments, of single-elimination style of play. Before you know it, teams will be dropped one by one within a blink of an eye. Some will be no-brainers, but some will have your mind completely and utterly blown which is why every decision and bet you make is beyond crucial. I'm not saying it's like life or death, but it can almost feel that way at times.

The good, the bad, and the ugly— all those buzzer-beating baskets, the jaw-dropping injuries, and unlikely heroes— it's an emotional yet addicting roller coaster.

Here's 15 roller coaster of emotions you face during March Madness:

1. Focus

In order to survive these few weeks you have to do all preliminary research when creating your bracket— every decision counts. No time for hesitation, people.

2. Indecisiveness

During the bracket making process, there will be some match-ups that will have you torn in the decision making process. It's a very uneasy feeling but sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet, hoping for the best.

3. Risky business

OK— seriously, the bracket making process is major. Some people don't really understand the severity of each decision being made. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet.

4. Stress x 100000

Along the way, your stress level will likely reach its peak, and I say this with zero exaggeration. It might bring out the crazy in you, guaranteed.

5. Pressure

With major stress, obviously comes pressure. Once it comes down to the Sweet 16's and Elite 8 then Final Four— bye.

6. Chest pains

You will feel so much in the time frame of one single basketball game that it probably isn't doing you any good, or for your heart for that matter.

7. Panic

Those cringe-worthy, nail-biting seconds will cause you a million and one wrinkles. Sports related heart palpitations are a thing, mark my words because one day I will patent it.

8. Loss of hope

This one is too sad to describe, but all can relate to say the very least. The end.

9. Regrets

For those choices you made based on popular or professional opinions— but plot twist, that was a mistake. It ruined all your hopes and dreams for the duration of the game.

10. Anger

Those calls, those turnovers, those fouls, more bracket regrets, and realizing you're about to lose money— Yeah, you already know.

11. Fear

When pride, money, and bragging rights are on the line— a sudden fear can take over you. It's all about how you keep it together.

12. Relief

Just when you thought it was the end of times, something happens where you can take a huge sigh of relief because the basketball Gods are still on your side.

13. Boastfulness

Cockiness is displayed at a whole new level. You can argue with me saying it's confidence— but come on, let's be real. I'd be lying if I said I've never outdone myself with cockiness a time or two, or three.

14. Sad tears

Sometimes crying makes you feel better and sometimes you can't help it but the tears will just fill up in your eyes... It happens. No judgment.

15. Happy tears

Whether you had the most accurate bracket or just flat out witnessed history— sports brings out emotions from inside you that you didn't even think were possible. It's the most beautiful thing.

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