Gary Sanchez has been a vital role in the adjustment into a younger generation for the Yankees. As Brian McCann was traded to the Astros for two prospects, The Yankees have been keeping an eye on Sanchez and was brought up to the majors late last season. In the 53 games he played he acquired 60 hits and 20 home-runs.

A magnificent start to his Major League debut, fans began to love him and wanted to see more of him. With The Yankees moving toward a younger ball club McCann (33) was no longer needed after Russell Martin signed with the Blue Jays and Francisco Cervelli signed with The Pirates.

The start of the 2017 season has arrived and the potential for this Yankee team is endless. Proving their capabilities in the spring, they ended with a 24-9 record. Last time they came close to this was in 2009 when they ended spring training with a 24-10 record. Now could this mean that they are going to the World Series this year. Maybe?

These young talents are proving that signing big names will not guarantee offensive production. Gary Sanchez played the first five games before suffering a bicep injury. In his 20 at-bats he had 3H, 1HR, 2RBI, and 4 SO.

Not a great start to the season, but you can expect that bat to get going. However, he was placed on the disabled list with a right bicep strain. With expectations of a return a week later it has turned into a 30 day DL.

All the Yankee fans that are heartbroken over this should be thankful this occurred in the beginning of the year. Hopefully this will be the end of injuries and a long stretch of a healthy clubhouse. However, with injuries being unpredictable we can only prepare for the worst. While Sanchez isout of the lineup, Austin Romine will fill in. During his first 6 games he has 7H, 1HR, and 4RBI. Sanchez projected return is May 9, so until then we will see more of Romine in the starter role.