The Quarter System: Pros & Cons

The Quarter System: A Constant Race With Time

Listen, it's great but sometimes it moves too fast.

Before I came to UCLA, everyone warned me about the quarter system. I remember a week before my graduation, I was talking to my counselor and how I wanted to do so many things during the summer before entering college and he gave me the following advice "Rest because you don't know the storm that's coming." Naturally, I thought, it can't possibly be that bad but man sometimes it can get rough.

Don't get me wrong there are things I love about the quarter system. I'm the kind of person who likes a little change in my life once in a while so getting new classes each quarter and meeting new people is something I really like. And if you really don't like one of your classes, no worries it's only 10 weeks.

But I've come to realize that the quarter system is draining.

One of my friend who goes to a school with the semester system pointed out that I'm always worried about midterms or finals. And to be honest, yes I am because they're literally only a few weeks away. There's always some reading you have to do or some assignment. Something is always in the back of your head and you are never fully done on your to-do list because there's always something next. I have the tendency to procrastinate, and trust me procrastinating in high school and procrastinating at UCLA is two different worlds. I get so behind when I don't do my readings and the days before the midterm you can catch me wearing sweatpants all week and stressed in front of my computer trying to cram 5 weeks worth of information in my brain.

Usually, the times I feel the pressure of the quarter system the most is during/after midterm and finals season and then after the winter quarter. My brain was so used to my high schools semester system that, it just felt right to end after the winter quarter. But no, we had a week break and then time to grind for another quarter.

All in all, the quarter system has its pros and cons. You can catch me either complaining about it or loving it. If anything, it's taught me so much more about work ethic and having a schedule. It's not so bad, but sometimes it could be better.

(PS: I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to pursue higher education and being where I am but this is just some lighthearted complaining)

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