The Number One Thing You Don’t Know You Need
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The Number One Thing You Don’t Know You Need

Fret no more, millennials, because the water bottle of the future is here.

The Number One Thing You Don’t Know You Need

Raise your hand if you don’t drink enough water.

Raise your hand if you know it.

Raise your hand if you know how bad that is for you.

Fret no more, millennials, because the water bottle of the future is here. Introducing the Hidrate Spark water bottle, the Bluetooth water bottle that is more effective in getting you to drink water than that Varsity track coach back in high school. The Hidrate Spark water bottle connects to your phone and syncs with the Hidrate app available on both Apple and Android phones. Once you get your bottle connected to the Hidrate app on your phone, the fun begins.

Once you download the app (for free) you update your profile with all of your information i.e. height, weight, sex, birthday, activity level (ranging from “I’d rather be asleep” to “I love two-a-days”), average wake up/bed times etc. With all of this information the Hidrate app calculates for you how much water you need to be drinking. Hidrate calculates daily goals for you with regards to personal parameters, activity and, location. The super cool thing that Hidrate also does for you is, it adjusts your daily goals by taking in the temperature and humidity, as well as the elevation of your daily doings. Despite all of the work that Hidrate does for you, you still have the ability to manually set goals in ounces or milliliters.

With all of these goals set in place via your Hidrate Spark app, you may ask: How is a water bottle and app going to actually help me reach my goal of not being uncomfortably dehydrated like I always am? Well, the super cool thing about the Hidrate bottle and app is, YOUR BOTTLE GLOWS WHEN YOU NEED TO DRINK (it’s like your water bottle is hazing you). That’s right. Your water bottle literally lights up and glows when it’s time to take a drink. No thinking involved, just drink when the bottle lights up. Not only does your water bottle light up, the Hidrate app sends notifications to your phone (witty notifications if I may say so myself) that remind you of your goals and to keep on drinking.

Another ridiculously awesome thing about the Hidrate bottle is that you can link it to your favorite pre-existing health and fitness apps like: Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, Jawbone Up, and Under Armour (including MyFitnessPal & MapMyFitness).

Another perk of the Hidrate Spark application is that you can compete with your friends that have the bottle as well. You may not think seeing who can drink the most water would be fun but trust me, it is.

Honestly, the only improvement I could suggest with this water bottle is a way for you to calculate how much water you would need to drink to get rid of a nasty hang over. But until then- keep on chugging along.

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