The Non-Perks Of Being A Writer
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The Non-Perks Of Being A Writer

Maybe it's not too late to become a doctor.

The Non-Perks Of Being A Writer
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Doctor. Lawyer. Teacher. Therapist. Not easy jobs to have, but they will always be needed. Writers? Survey says: eh. We can romanticize the image of deep souls alone in their rooms, typing away, writing the great American novel, but in reality it's rarely that simple. So for all you masochists out there who've devoted yourselves to the written word, this one's for you.

1. Writer's block.

A.k.a. when your imaginary friends don't want to come out and play. You have an idea, you know where you want a story to go but, you have no idea how to get there.

2. Occupational security or lack thereof.

THIS TOTALLY IS A REAL JOB, OK! People feel the constant need to tell you that your field is dying. It can sometimes make you worry that you're gonna end up like the above.

3. Criticism.

When you're a writer, your job is under constant scrutiny. In order to be any good at your job, you have to be criticized a lot. All the the time. In bright red marker. Sigh.

4. People assume your characters are them.

Just because this character I have met a tragic end, doesn't mean they're based on you. Unless of course, they are.

5. Journals.

If you're like me you have more journals than you know what to do with. Only half of them have been filled. But you can't stop buying them.

6. Writers are intense.

Sylvia Plath stuck her head in an oven. Hemingway shot himself. Edgar Allen Poe's telltale heart was notoriously tortured. This doesn't inspire confidence for the prospect of ending up happy.

And yet. You know you're gonna keep writing. So, when in doubt, write day and night like you're running out of time.

P.S This provides an excellent soundtrack for writer's block:

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