The Muslim Ban

As I have scrolled through everything social media, I have noticed one thing; Donald Trumps Muslim Ban. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this so I had to do a little bit of research because as I have learned from the past, social media does not always give the facts or only gives one side of the story.

As I did my digging I saw many things, mostly people complaining about the fact that Donald Trump is not allowing Muslims into the country. This is entirely unconstitutional and would never be allowed because of course the first Amendment gives us our freedom of religion speech etc. The media has completely blown all of this out of proportion and is not giving the facts at all.

Donald Trump has not banned muslims from coming into America he has stopped immigration coming in from terroristic countries that just happen to be Muslim. He is blocking immigration from where ISIS the number one terroristic threat comes from.

If you're getting your information from twitter you're probably annoyed and can't believe that he would ban a specific religion but I'm here to tell you he's not banning a religion but he is banning terrorists coming into our country.

Now, I have absolutely no problem at all with immigrants coming into our country because of course we were founded on immigration. However, if you're going to do it illegally, you do not have my support at all and I'm sure you don't have most of Americas support.

We currently have extremely strict immigration laws but apparently not strict enough with all these recent terrorist attacks so this law will essentially make it even harder for people to enter this country no matter your religion or race and will completely eliminate the entrance from the following countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Lybia, Somalia and Yemen.

Also, for anyone who thinks this is unconstitutional, no where in the constitution does it say that we have to allow immigrants to come into our country. All of these countries have shown a high rate of muslims yes, however, all terroristic attacks have come from every single one of these countries.

Our own military is over in these countries fighting for our lives. Why? Because of terrorists. So please go to other outside sources and get your information correct before you decide to bash Donald Trump just because you don't like his pu*** grabbing refrences.

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