More guns is not going to solve our problem with guns.
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No, Kaitlin Bennett, It Is Not A Good Idea To Arm College Students

I don't even trust myself with the pepper spray on my purse. How would a gun be any better?

No, Kaitlin Bennett, It Is Not A Good Idea To Arm College Students

Because 2018 is showing no sign of stopping on its way to becoming the biggest shitshow of all time, of course there had to be someone like Kaitlin Bennett to come through and make us question our sanity even more.

If you don't know who Kaitlin Bennett is, good for you! Save yourself while you can and just exit out of this article before you run the risk of bashing your head in once she finally graces your presence.

Bennett is at the forefront of a major trend sweeping across college campuses: that trend being conservative college students complaining about how "oppressed" they are. Sorry Kaitlin, some people think guns are bad. That doesn't mean you- a white, affluent college student- are facing discrimination.

After posing for her graduation photos at Kent State University with a rifle casually slung over her shoulders like it's a Louis Vuitton handbag, Bennett (unsurprisingly) kicked off a frenzy on Twitter. People, like Parkland activist David Hogg, accused her of selfishly brandishing her "white privilege" and promoting gun rights at possibly the worst time, given the Santa Fe High School shooting happened shortly before she posted the now famous photos online.

It's crazy to think that just a couple of months ago, two innocent black men were kicked out of Starbucks for doing literally nothing but no one seems to bat an eye when a white woman is casually strolling through a college campus with a gun used in modern warfare.

Also, pretty crazy, that black kids like Tamir Rice and Trayvon Martin were killed in broad daylight for playing with a toy gun and having their hands in their pockets, but Kaitlin Bennett can show off her REAL gun in public and doesn't get asked about it.

Black people can't even have a barbecue without the cops getting called on them, but why can a white person safely and freely prance around with a murder weapon?

Of course, media like Fox News completely fawned over her, providing her with the attention she so desperately craved so she could promote the #CampusCarryNow movement she's now advocating for. Bennett seems to think that every problem that colleges face today can be solved with guns.

Active shooter on campus? Let's just make it multiple active shooters so people can "protect" others! What about the issue of rape culture running rampant at all colleges? Well, according to Kaitlin Bennett, if women could open carry on campus men wouldn't rape them!

I don't even feel confident that I could accurately use the pepper spray attached on my purse in a real crisis. Why would I feel any better handling a handgun when put in such a stressful situation as a shooting or a sexual assault?

People always believe that they would be the heroes in those types of situations, but in reality, that's probably not true. I mean, the security guard at Stoneman Douglas High School, who was PAID to protect lives, couldn't even do that. What makes you think you could be any more heroic and wouldn't just run away like him?

Also, frat boys scare me enough when I see them walking down the street, wearing their Sperry boat shoes and salmon Bermuda shorts. I do NOT need to deal with a drunken Chad who also has a dangerous firearm attached to those shorts.

So, Kaitlin Bennett, NO, it is not a good idea to allow college students to open carry. College kids can't even get dressed out of their pajamas for an 11 a.m. class. I highly doubt we'd be saving any lives. In fact, we'd probably be in even more danger if we all took guns to class. Especially when we're fighting for tables during Finals Week or on our third all-nighter, not even sure what day it is.

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